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CONTEST TIME: Track The Strikeouts!!!!

CONTEST TIME:  Track The Strikeouts!!!!

Ok Gang, time to run another contest at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

This contest will take us all to the wonderful state of Arizona, where the Diamondbacks will be hosting the Philadelphia Phillies for a 3-game set on April 23, 24, and 25.

The two teams feature some of the best arms in the National League, and I am predicting that there will be a lot of K’s during that set.

So, on to the contest!!!

To be entered into this contest, simply predict the total number of strikeouts that you think will occur during this 3-game series.  The player that comes the closest to the actual number of strikeouts, without going over, will win.  And a number is selected it cannot be used again, so pick wisely.

And now for the prize:  130+ cards from the 2011 Topps baseball set!!!

We’ve got Gold:

We’ve got Silver:

We’ve got commemorative cards:

And we’ve got base:

You want the prize?  Then make your selection!!!

I will take all entries up until 11:59 PM on Saturday night, so make your picks now!!!

Good Luck.

Fernando VS Nolan – It Is NOT What You Think…

Fernando VS Nolan – It Is NOT What You Think…

While a comparison of Fernando Valenzuela and Nolan Ryan may be fun, it is not what this post is all about.  Not in the least bit…

It is however, about baseball cards.  Baseball cards of my favorite player, Andre Dawson.

You see, ever since I started hauling in variations of Andre Dawson baseball cards, I have been seeking more.  And my first stop was my 980+ unique card collection.

I think I may have something here, but I am not sure.  And after doing way too much research on the web, I have come up with nothing.

So, while I have not found any new variations to announce to the card-collecting world, I have found something very interesting on the backs of several of Andre’s Donruss baseball cards.

Many of Dawson’s early Donruss cards feature his name on the back as ‘Andre Fernando Dawson’.

Have a look:

Then, in 1985, the cards take a turn and announce his name as ‘Andre Nolan Dawson’.

Here are a few:

Kind of odd right???

So, all of my research points to Nolan being Andre’s middle name.  It is on his official bio that way, it is on Baseball Reference page that way, and I have even seen signed baseballs with him using ‘Nolan’.

Anyone have any other information out there for me?  I’d be interested to hear that there is indeed a good story behind all of this.

Thanks for reading!!

Ernie Banks 2002 Upper Deck ‘Piece Of History’

Ernie Banks 2002 Upper Deck ‘Piece Of History’

I am a big fan of this set, so when I discovered this card of Ernie Banks, I had to grab it!!!

Have a look:

Featuring great pictures, and a perfect use of Silver text, the card looks fantastic in person.  And I really like the whole timeline that runs across the card about 3/4 of the way down.

I am really digging that picture of a very young Ernie Banks too.  Something tells me that Paul of Wrigley Wax can tell us the exact date that the picture was taken.


Kirby Puckett 1989 Fleer Superstar Special With Eric Davis

Kirby Puckett 1989 Fleer Superstar Special With Eric Davis

Ah, a card that features two of my favorite outfielders from the 1980’s – Kirby Puckett and Eric Davis!

And since I have yet to declare myself as an Eric Davis collector, this card will land in my Kirby Puckett collection – and it is a very nice addition.

Here is the card:

And while there is no arguing who put together the more complete playing career, you can easily match up the best single season of these player’s careers and the voting would be much tighter.

In fact, Eric Davis’ 1987 baseball season could be the best year that either of these two superstars put together.

Don’t believe me??  Look it up!!!

Thank You, Hanley!!!!

Thank You, Hanley!!!!

For the second time in back-to-back games, Hanley Ramirez provided the difference that led to two victories for the Miami Marlins.

On Sunday, it was a single with the bases loaded that gave the Marlins a 5-4 win in eleven innings.

And then last night, it was a 3-run home run in the eight that gave the Marlins a 5-2 lead that they would keep for the remainder of the game.

Thank You, Hanley!!!!

Keep it up!!!


Happy Anniversary Mike Schmidt!!!

Happy Anniversary Mike Schmidt!!!

On this day in 1987 Michael Jack Schmidt hit the 500th home run of is incredible career!!

I remember watching the highlights of this game.  The joy that Schmidt shared with us as he rounded the bases while pumping his fists is one of the greatest memories I have of baseball from 1980’s.  Rarely do you see a player emit so much joy during a game, but Schmidt did not hold back and I am thankful that  I was able to enjoy his moment with him.

Schmidt finished his career with 548 home runs placing him in 13th place on the all-time list. 

Congratulations Mike and Happy Anniversary!!!