Happy Birthday Andruw Jones!!!

Happy Birthday Andruw Jones!!!

Andruw Jones turns 35 years old today.

One of the most exciting all-around players from the prior decade, Andruw Jones had the skills to dominate the sport – both offensively and defensively.

At the plate, Jones’ ability to deliver the long ball was supreme.  He amassed ten straight seasons of smashing at least 25 homers, while reaching or eclipsing the 40-home run mark twice, including one season with 51 dingers.

From a defensive standpoint, Jones was phenomenal.  His ability to track down balls was outstanding, and his 10 consecutive Gold Glove awards from 1998-2007 confirm his ability to dominate the sport while patrolling center field.

Today, Jones is a role player for the New York Yankees.  Past his prime, his ability to remain in a starting line-up is all but gone.  And while he still has the ability to flash his skills everyone once in a while, Jones can no longer take over a game by himself.  Once guaranteed to reach 500 home runs, it is very possible that he does not reach 425.

We wish you luck Andruw!  Happy Birthday!!

2 responses to “Happy Birthday Andruw Jones!!!

  1. What a shame. Coulda had an HOF career.

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