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April 8, 2012 Washington Nationals VS Chicago Cubs Commemorative Ticket Featuring Andre Dawson

April 8, 2012 Washington Nationals VS Chicago Cubs Commemorative Ticket Featuring Andre Dawson

Roughly two weeks ago I found this item on Ebay.  And the same day, I received an email from one of my favorite bloggers, Hackenbush who also found these special tickets.

It seems that the Chicago Cubs wanted to inject some Cubs’ history into their season tickets this year, and be Hackenbush (real name David) and I are the benefactors.

His favorite Cub is Ron Santo, so he scooped up one of the commemorative tickets that featured Santo’s 1968 Topps card.

And I picked up this little gem:

A very fun and affordable collectible.  And it just so happens to feature one of my favorite cards of Andre Dawson sporting his Cubs uniform – 1988 Topps!!

I know two Cubs’ fans that are very happy – A big ‘Thank You’ to the Chicago Cubs for preserving and honoring their former players!!!

Billy Williams 2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

Billy Williams 2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

For some strange reason, Billy Williams has not been included in any new releases for the last few years.

What that means is that I have to go back, go back to when Upper Deck was still in the game.  Hopefully I can continue to find ‘new’ cards for my collection that honors him – luckily I found this one.

This card comes from the 2006 Upper Deck SP baseball card set.  It seems like UD enjoyed putting Williams in their modern sets as he has a lot more cards issued by them than by Topps over the last ten years.

As for the card, it looks great – bold coloring, and a very sweet nameplate!!

And the picture used of the ‘Sweet Swinger’ is pretty sharp as well!!!

Kirby Puckett 1991 Fleer Pro Vision – ‘Dynamite’

Kirby Puckett 1991 Fleer Pro Vision – ‘Dynamite’

While I find cards like these to be a little silly at some times, I do like that they may attract a younger audience.

And as we all know, baseball cards certainly needs a younger audience…

So, my question is this – Would this baseball card excite a 10-year old kid in 1991 the same way it would in 2012???  Forget the player, because there are probably very few 1o-year olds outside of Minnesota that have ever heard the name Kirby Puckett (such a shame), but what about the card itself???


Rollie Fingers 2006 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’

Rollie Fingers 2006 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’

NICE – there is a lot to like about this baseball card!!!

Let’s start with these parts:

  1. old-school Athletics uniform
  2. perfect border color to work with the Green of Oakland’s color scheme
  3. a mustcahe-less Rollie Fingers
  4. a solid and very impressive vintage nameplate

Oh yeah, baby!!!

Happy Birthday Luis Aparicio!!!

Happy Birthday Luis Aparicio!!!

Luis Aparicio turns 78 years old today.

Number 11 enjoyed a magnificent 18-season major league career.  One of the best defensive shortstops in the history of the game, Aparicio was dazzling fans with his glove work decades before anyone ever heard of Ozzie Smith.

At the age of 22, Aparicio won the 1956 AL Rookie Of The Year award.  He followed up his remarkable debut by making the All-Star team 10 times and capturing the Gold Glove Award 9 times.

A dynamic offensive player, Aparicio had a knack for stealing bases and scoring runs.  He has collected 506 career stolen bases, while leading the league in steals from 1956-1964.  He also scored 1,335 runs during his playing days, including 10 seasons of scoring at least 70 times.

A fantastic player and a Chicago legend, Happy Birthday Mr. Aparicio!!!

Ladies & Gentlemen, The Bryce Harper Era Begins Right Now!!!

Ladies & Gentlemen, The Bryce Harper Era Begins Right Now!!!

And I cannot wait to watch it…