1968 Topps Game – Jim Wynn

1968 Topps Game – Jim Wynn

I’m really not too sure how Jim Wynn landed in this 33-card set issued back in 1968.  Some of the other players were a little questionable as well, but it seems like each of them had a very solid 1967 campaign.

But, Wynn’s 1967 baseball season was far from spectacular.  Sure, he made the All-Star team, but his numbers do not indicate excellence…

The numbers – 148 hits, 29 doubles, 37 home runs, 107 RBI, 109 runs scored, and 16 stolen bases.

On second thought, that is a pretty solid season – maybe I let the .249 batting average and 137 strikeouts (league leader) cloud my judgement…

Here is Wynn’s card:


Progress – 19/33


One response to “1968 Topps Game – Jim Wynn

  1. I didnt know who he was until a few years ago… he had a really nice career. I was able to see him in person at a show earlier this year. He seemed to be really nice.

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