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Mike Stanton 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen – ‘Future Stars’

Mike Stanton 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen – ‘Future Stars’

I will call him Mike on this post because the card he is featured on for this post is from 2011.  And it was released before he made his name change to Giancarlo official…

Have a look:

Stanton has had a very solid month of May for the Marlins.  He is a big part of their winning ways, and I hope that he continues to contribute at this rate as we head into the All-Star break.

At the plate, he is connecting with a lot of power.  And he is driving in runs at a very good rate.

If this player ever gets the confidence he needs in his ability to hit off-speed stuff, the National League better watch out!!!!

Gary Carter 2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes

Gary Carter 2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes

This is the fourth card from the 2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes set that I have picked up.

And it is the first one that does not offer a supreme image of the featured player.

Have a look:

See what I mean??

The other cards I have from this set bring great images of Joe Morgan, Brooks Robinson, and Wade Boggs.

This one just does not deliver…  Surely there are much better images of Gary Carter out there – I have seen them!!!

Still, this set is becoming a favorite at ’30-YOC’.  I am going to have to investigate what it would take to put together…

Stay tuned.

Jim Abbott 1993 Fleer

Jim Abbott 1993 Fleer

Jim Abbott’s 1993 Fleer baseball card features him in his California Angels uniform.  But Abbott did not play for the Angels in ’93, he was a Yankee!!

During the offseason between the 1992 and 1993 baseball seasons, Abbott was traded by the Angels to the Yankees.  And in return for Abbott, the Angels received Jerry Neilsen, J.T. Snow, and Russ Springer.

Here is one last look from 1993 of Jim Abbott in his Angels uniform:

Happy Birthday Kenny Lofton!!!

Happy Birthday Kenny Lofton!!!

Baseball great Kenny Lofton turns 45 years old today.

One of the most underrated players from his era, Kenny Lofton was a throwback-type of player that oftentimes reminded you of the players from the generation prior to his.  With lightening fast speed and great defensive skills, Lofton enjoyed a wonderful 17-season career.

Lofton was the kind of player that every team needs on their roster.  A guy that can do it all, and will make the same level of effort when playing for a first place team with a 10-game divisional lead as he would for a last place team 20 games behind in the standings.  Lofton’s desire to win and help his team was unmeasurable.   And along the way, he racked up some very impressive career statistics.

A lifetime .299 hitter, Kenny lofton finished his career with 2,428 hits.  He also captured 781 RBI, 1,528 runs scored, and an amazing on-base percentage of .372.  He currently ranks 15th all-time with 622 stolen bases.  When it comes to recognition around the league, Lofton tallied 6 All-star appearances and 4 Gold Glove awards.

In total, Kenny Lofton played for 11 different teams over the course of his career.  Of his 17 seasons, 10 were with the Cleveland Indians.  For his birthday I would like to give Lofton a little more appreciation.  Let’s give him a career with just 1 team and make him an everyday player.  Had that occurred, I think we could be looking at another member of the 3,000 hits club and possibly just the second guy to break the 1,000 steals mark.

Happy Birthday Mr. Lofton!!!

Andre Dawson 1988 Fleer Glossy

Andre Dawson 1988 Fleer Glossy

I am getting very, very close to 1,000 unique Andre Dawson baseball cards.

This one comes courtesy of Fleer and it was issued in 1988.  The card is from the ‘Glossy’ factory set that was issued only in complete, pre-packaged sets.  The design is the same as the Dawson card from the base set, with one exception – the high gloss finish.

Have a look:

And now, I am 10 cards away from 1,000!!!!

Stay tuned.

John Smoltz 2012 Topps Gold Standard

John Smoltz 2012 Topps Gold Standard

I pulled this card from a pack of 2012 Topps that I recently ripped.

And while my National League East loyalties lie firmly with the Marlins, it is very, very hard not to like and respect John Smoltz.

As a matter of fact, Smoltz is probably one of my favorite pitchers of the last twenty years.

This card is from the ‘Gold Standard’ set and it celebrates Smoltz’s 3,000th career strikeout.

Have a look:

The event happened on April 22, 2008 in Atlanta, GA.

The player that will always be linked to this history making strikeout??  Felipe Lopez.

1977 Topps – 1976 RBI League Leaders Featuring George Foster & Lee May

1977 Topps – 1976 RBI League Leaders Featuring George Foster & Lee May

Due to his supreme ability to hit home runs and drive in runs at a rampant pace, George Foster was represented on a lot of baseball cards honoring the League Leaders during the late 1970’s.

This card is from the 1977 Topps baseball card set: 

The card honors the 1976 RBI leaders for each league.

Lee May was the American League leader with 109 RBI in 1976.  George Foster paced the National League with 121 runs driven in.

Atta Boy Georgie!!

Did You Know…

Only two players in major league baseball history have won 9 World Series championships; and they played for the same franchise.

Joe DiMaggio & Yogi Berra!!!

Happy Birthday Manny Ramirez!!!

Happy Birthday Manny Ramirez!!!

Manny Ramirez turns 39 years old today.

One of the most exciting players to have suited up over the last twenty years, Ramirez is on the comeback trail with hopes of prolonging his career as a professional baseball player.

A 1-time shoe-in for the 3,000 hits club, the 600 home runs club, and the Hall of Fame, Ramirez is not battling for his image; an image that has been destroyed by failing two drug tests for steroids.

We wish you well Manny. 

Happy Birthday!!

Kirby Puckett 1985 Fleer – ROOKIE CARD!!!

Kirby Puckett 1985 Fleer – ROOKIE CARD!!!

Friends, I have finally scored the third of three 1985 rookie baseball cards of Kirby Puckett.

First wast Topps.

Then it was Donruss.

And now, finally, it is Fleer!!

It took me a while to secure one of these cardboard beauties from the 1985 Fleer set, but it is not for lack of opportunity as these cards are all over Ebay.

The reason it took me so long to get one into my collection is that I was budgeting what I would spend for it.  And I would not budge.

Here is my haul:

Puckett’s cards still get a lot of attention, especially his rookie cards.  I have picked up other rookies from the 1980’s that were issued prior to 1985 for quite a bit less.  And in some of those pick-ups, the player was more accomplished than Mr. Puckett (see Boggs, Gwynn, etc.).

I am thrilled to have finished the trilogy.  And I am looking forward to finishing off my Puckett collection.

Two cards to go…