Cal Ripken Jr. 2012 Topps ‘Golden Greats’

Cal Ripken Jr. 2012 Topps ‘Golden Greats’

While I am not a Ripken collector, I should be.  And in time, I would like to become one – it’s just that the thought if trying to haul in all of Cal’s cards seems like an impossible mission.  True, I have done it for other players, but I cannot think of one player that could compare to the number of cards that Cal must be featured on.

Still, when I do get a chance to grab a Ripken, I try to do so.

And this time around, I picked up this card from the 2012 ‘Golden Greats’ set.

Have a look:

The card is a beauty, and it pays tribute to Cal’s uber-impressive night against the Braves on June 13, 1999.  In that game, Cal went 6-for-6 as he connected for two home runs, a double, three singles, five runs scored, six RBI, and thirteen total bases.

And yes, the Orioles won: 22-1!!!


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