GIVEAWAY TIME – ‘Thanks For The Hits!!!!!’ – 10 Winners Will Be Chosen

GIVEAWAY TIME – ‘Thanks For The Hits!!!!!’ – 10 Winners Will Be Chosen

Alright everyone, as I mentioned earlier in the week, ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ was creeping up on 500,000 unique page views and as soon as that number was reached, I was going to offer up the biggest giveaway in the history of this blog.

Well, the magical number has been eclipsed (Thank You!!!) so now it is time to get down to the get-down.

I will be offering up ten prizes in this giveaway – Yes, TEN!!!

To register yourself into the entry pool, simply leave a comment on this post and let me know that you want in.

And as an added twist, and a way to generate more interest, if you have a blog and you promote this giveaway on your site, paste a link to that post as a comment here and I will give you an additional entry into the pool.

Sound like fun?

Then jump in and let’s get going.

What I will do is throw all entries into a randomizer tool and then start choosing the winners.  Once a winner is drawn, that player will no longer be eligible to win again (unless they have been awarded a second entry for helping promote this giveaway).  From there, I will continue to draw names until we have ten winners for all ten prizes.

And now, a look at what is up for grabs…

#10 – A 31-card lot of Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn

#9 – A 24-card lot of Hall of Famer Paul Molitor from his time with the Blue Jays and Twins

#8 – A 21-card lot of Hall of Famer Eddie Murray from his time with the Mets, Dodgers, and Indians

#7 – A 16-card lot of Topps All-Time Fan Favorites baseball cards

#6 – A 16-card lot of modern cards featuring Hall Of Famers!!!

#5 – A 3-card lot of Barry Larkin rookie cards – 1987 Topps, Fleer, and Donruss

#4 – A Game-Used jersey card of future Hall of Famer Frank Thomas

#3 – A Game-Used jersey card of Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley

#2 – A Dual Game-Used jersey card of current Hall of Famer Steve Carlton and future Hall of Famer Tom Glavine

#1 – A certified autographed baseball card of my favorite baseball player of all-time, Hall of Famer Andre ‘The Hawk’ Dawson!!!

And there you have it.  Ten great prizes that are all up for grabs.

Hopefully you see something above that makes you lick your chops a bit.  If so, leave me a comment to ensure your entry into the giveaway.

Entries will be accpeted up until 10PM EST on Wedndesday.  I will announce the winners of the prizes on Thursday morning.

Good Luck Everyone!!!

85 responses to “GIVEAWAY TIME – ‘Thanks For The Hits!!!!!’ – 10 Winners Will Be Chosen

  1. In! I shall pimp tomorrow.

  2. Ron Churchwell

    Modern HOF’ers, and Steve Carlton got me licking my chops! Thanks Brian

  3. I’m in. Sweet contest!! Thanks Brian!!!!

  4. Congrats on the big number. I want in!

  5. The Diamond King

    I am in, you rock!

  6. Big-time congrats, dude!

  7. All great prizes – sign me up!

  8. Congrats! Please include me.

  9. Congrats on the success and longevity!

  10. I am in. You are very generous!

  11. Count me in, brother!

  12. I’m in. Thanks, Brian. Congratulations on your milestone. On to a million!

  13. Free? I’ll do free.

  14. Stealing Home

    consider my chops licked. furthermore, consider me jumping in this awesome contest. thanks !

  15. I can’t pass this one up. Thanks for providing steady, quality content. Count me in.

  16. Count me as stopping by many times. I’m in hoping to bring those Gwynn’s home to add to my Tony collection.

  17. I’d like to be entered as well!

  18. Congrats on the milestone. I’d like to get in on this one.

  19. wickedortega

    i’m in it fo sho! Congrats!!

  20. Awesome! Thanks as always for another contest, Brian! And congrats on the milestone! This was the 2nd blog I found when I discovered the blogosphere and have been reading it ever since.

  21. Pretty Nifty, Fo SHO!!!
    I’m Totally IN IN!!!

  22. Congrats on the milestone. I’m in !

  23. the dutch card guy

    i am in thanks !

  24. Congrats! and thanks for the contest! Your collection has grown a lot since I started reading.

  25. Great site! Congrats on the hits, I’m in!

  26. Woot woot! I’d love to get my hands on that Eddie Murray lot!

  27. Tossing my (Orioles) hat into the ring.

  28. I want in!

    Thanks for the contest.

  29. I’m in! Great contest on a great blog!

  30. Congratulations on 500,000 hits! Thank you as well for the contest, I’m in!

  31. I’m in to defend my title, thanks!

  32. What a give-away! Please include me!

  33. Ron Churchwell

    how will you determine who gets what prize? i am just curious as i really want that steve carlton patch. congrats on the big milestone too!

    • Ron- Here is my gameplan:

      Throw all names into a hat. Randomly choose winner for prize #1 (Dawson auto) and then remove winner from pool. Then randomly choose winner for prize #2 and repeat process until all 10 prizes have been awarded.

      Good Luck!

  34. I’m in nice contest!

  35. I want in! And my blog now has a shout out for your contest as well…

  36. I want in! I have put a shout out for your contest at the end of my blog post today as well…

  37. Congrats! I’m in!

  38. I’m in, and not above a little pimping:

    I got here myself via a left turn at Eutaw Street…

  39. Congrats on half a million! Count me in. Thanks for the contest.

  40. Play at the Plate

    Congrats on an amazing milestone! Count me in…

  41. Great blog and great contest. I’d like entered please.

  42. Congrats on the milestone!! Please count me in.

  43. I’m in, thanks!

    Congrats on the milestone!

  44. Not a big jersey card guy, but all of those are nice, pimped here

  45. Congratulations. I want in please!

  46. I wish to partake in your splendid contest, dear sir!

  47. I’m in – thanks and congrats!

  48. Please include me, thank you!

  49. Congrats! Count me in!

  50. Congrats! While I appreciate the contest offer, I don’t want in on it. Just wanted to say congrats!

  51. Congrats on 1/2 million views. Can’t wait to see what happens a one million.

    PS : I posted your contest on my blog.

  52. Half a mil, WOW! Great blog and congrats!

  53. Totally in! Sweet stuff you got up!

  54. I want in… Thanks B..

  55. Count me in thanks

  56. Please count me in! Thanks for a very generous contest…

    Here is my pimp-action

  57. Consider me interested.

  58. This is cool. I would love those Gwynn cards.

  59. Congrats Brian!
    Count me in, please.

  60. Love that Dawson card! Please count me in! Thanks a lot!

  61. Oh snap! Great contest.

  62. I’m the one usually giving cards away, so it’s nice to actually get into a contest. Congrats on the milestone! – Mike from Bad Wax.

  63. I’m in, and promoted it here:

    Does the first name drawn get #10, second #9, etc, or will it be draft-style?

    • Matt Wilson- Yes, all entrants are eligible for prize #1 and then their name is pulled from the hat for good. Then we move on to prize #2 and repeat the process. Same thing until all ten prizes have been awarded…

      Good Luck!!

  64. Count me IN, please… and thanks for the contest! I always love reading this blog. – Zach (from MN)

  65. Count me IN! Posted it on my blog as well!

  66. That Carlton/Glavine card certainly has my attention. I’m in

  67. nighttimeowl

    OK. I’ll try. Congrats!

  68. I want in too! Huge baseball fan here from MS. This is a great site, glad I found it.- Eric

  69. Hey,

    I’m definetely in! And posted it on my blog as well!


  70. Great contest. Definitely in.

  71. I’m closing the entry window for the contest now. I have a lot to do to ge these 10 giveaways going…

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