Derek Jeter 1996 Topps ‘Future Star’

Derek Jeter 1996 Topps ‘Future Star’

I’ve been on a bit of a Derek Jeter kick as of late.  And while little of that has to do with baseball cards as most of it revolves around his amazing play during the 2012 season, I was not going to let this card escape me.

Have a look:

This card was part of the 1996 Topps baseball card set and it carries the tag of ‘Future Star’ on it.

Now, when I think of ‘Future Star’ my mind goes right back to the 1987 Topps set – one that my childhood was built around.  From Bo Jackson to Rafael Palmeiro to BJ Surhoff.

I know that this does not classify as a rookie card of Jeter, but I do like the theme.  And as a card issued during his rookie season, I like it.

And we all know how 1996 worked out for Jeter and his Yankees teammates…

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