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Andre Dawson Card #993 – 2004 Leaf Materials ‘SILVER’ Certified Autograph

Andre Dawson Card #993 – 2004 Leaf Materials ‘SILVER’ Certified Autograph

I don’t have too many ‘high-end’ cards of Andre Dawson wearing his Boston Red Sox uniform.  I have some relic cards, but nothing really more than that.

Until now…

I have finally scored a certified autographed baseball card of Andre in his Sox uni…

And it is serial numbered too – 89/100!!!

Have a look:

Now all I need is a certified card of Dawson in his Teal & Black!!!

Lee Smith 1988 Topps

Lee Smith 1988 Topps

Some 24 years later, I am still a big fan of the 1988 Topps baseball card design. 

I like the simplicity of the team name and player banners, and the cards offered up some nice, over-sized images.

And every once in a while, the cards took on a 3-D effect too.

Get ready to put on your 3-D glasses….

Did you feel that??  Lee Smith just fired a 98 MPH fastball right at you!!!


My First Time – Joe Torre – September 25, 1960

My First Time – Joe Torre – September 25, 1960

The Setting – County Stadium.  Pittsburgh, PA.

From Torre – ‘I was done with minor league ball so I went to Milwaukee to wait for my brother’s season to end.  I was just hanging around the club when they said, ‘Since you’re here, we’re going to put you on the roster for the rest of the season.'”

The Boxscore – Braves 4, Pirates 2 i 10 innings.  Torre goes 1-for-1 as a pinch hitter for Warren Spahn.

Happy Birthday Thurman Munson!!!

Happy Birthday Thurman Munson!!!

Today we celebrate the birthday and marvelous career of Mr. Thurman Munson.

An 11-year veteran, that spent his full career in New York wearing pinstripes, Munson was and still is a beloved Yankee.

Taken from us way to early, Munson passed away at the age of 32 in an airplane accident.

Still, what he was able to accomplish in just over a decade on the baseball field is what to this day holds him in very high regards in New York and in the baseball world.

The stats:  1970 Rookie of the Year, 1976 AL Most Valuable Player, 7-time All-Star, 3-time Gold Glove winner, 2 World Series titles, and the hearts of millions.

Happy Birthday Mr. Munson.  You are missed dearly!!!

Andre Dawson Card #992 – 2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Patch

Andre Dawson Card #992 – 2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Patch

I have a pretty decent stack of cards from this set issued in 2004 – both relic and non-relic cards.

And while I have been able to scoop some of them up rather easily, some have been pretty tough.

This one was on the tougher side, but after seeing a few sail by me due to their high price tag, I was finally able to score!!!

The card is serial numbered as 178/230, and it pays homage to Dawson’s performance in the 1981 MLB All-Star game.

Have a look:

The 1981 All-Star game was Dawson’s first selection as a player during the ‘Mid-summer Classic’.  He started for the NL in center field and went 1-4, with a strikeout.  His hit, a single, came courtesy of AL pitcher Jack Morris in the top of the second inning.  He later stole second base but did not advance further.