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Have A Drink. How About An RC Cola?? Courtesy Of Andre Dawson!!!

Have  A Drink.  How About An RC Cola??  Courtesy Of Andre Dawson!!!

Do you remember RC Cola?

I am not trying to make you feel old, but if you are a reader of this blog that is 30+ years old, you probably do.  If you’re younger than that, you may not have ever heard of it.

RC Cola was created all the way back in 1905.  And seventy-three years later, they debuted a limited edition set of cola cans that featured major league baseball players.

I have seen these on Ebay for the last four years, but for some reason I never really found myself interested in learning more about them.

Then, I learned that the set of cans was an All-Star set of sorts, featuring 100 different players.

That got me interested – so I read on looking for more details.  It seems that RC Cola had been injected special baseball products into their line since 1950 with Yogi Berra.  Between limited edition cans, posters, bottles, and stickers, RC Cola was pretty dedicated to baseball.

All of that led me to the purchase of the Andre Dawson can from the 1978 series.

Dawson’s can is number 73 of a 100-count set.

Here it is:

The front

The back:

A little more zoomed in:

And the text from the back reads:

“Andre Dawson led the pioneer league in total bases with 168 in 1975.  He had a .235 batting average in 1976, his first year in the big leagues.  He had a .282 batting average i n1977.   No 73 of 100”

A pretty nice collectible for my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ collection.

I’m pretty thirsty, time to go see what is in the fridge…


Andre Dawson Card #996 – 1990 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Team Card – Autographed!!

Andre Dawson Card #996 – 1990 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Team Card – Autographed!!

I have always been a big fan of the Upper Deck ‘Art’ cards from the 1990s.  In my opinion they are much nicer than the Diamond Kings cards that Donruss gave us a decade earlier.

Vernon Wells Sr. hit it right with this card from the 1990 set.  It is the Chicago Cubs card, and it looks G-R-E-A-T!!!

And the fact that it has been signed by ‘The Hawk’ does not hurt either…

Have a look:

Kirby Puckett 1993 Donruss MVP

Kirby Puckett 1993 Donruss MVP

Donruss offered up some pretty dull and dreary MVP cards back in the late 1980’s – especially in their 1988 and 1989 sets.

Still, as a player collector, it was always nice to see your favorite players featured on more than one card.

The 1993 Donruss MVP cards are a significant upgrade.

Here is proof, the Kirby Puckett card:

2012 Topps ‘Timeless Talents’ With Paul Molitor & Ryan Braun

2012 Topps ‘Timeless Talents’ With Paul Molitor & Ryan Braun

While I fully understand the connection between Paul Molitor and Ryan Braun, I don’t know if Topps hit it on this head with this one.

Sure, the Milwaukee thing is important, but that fits more of a theme of ‘Then & Now’ for me than one of ‘Timeless Talents’.

In my eyes, a player that more represents what Molitor did on the field would be a guy like Ian Kinsler or Derek Jeter.

And as for Braun, his numbers resemble a player more like Frank Robinson.

But that is just one collector’s humble opinion…

Still, the card does look pretty sharp!!  Have a look:

Andre Dawson Card #995 – 2004 Leaf Certified Materials ‘Fabric Of The Game’ Relic Card

Andre Dawson Card #995 – 2004 Leaf Certified Materials ‘Fabric Of The Game’ Relic Card

This is the 4th card from this series that I have picked up.

I already owned the relic cards that feature the ‘N’, ’88’, and ‘OF’ frames around the jersey swatches used for this ‘Fabric of the Game’ set.

And now, I can proudly state that I have the ‘Trophy’ version too.  And it is numbered as 42/50.

Here it is:

This could be my favorite version from the set thus far.

Now I just need to figure out how many more that there are…