NBA Finals Prediction

NBA Finals Prediction

Yes this is a baseball and baseball card blog.

And yes, I am what you would certainly call a ‘Baseball Guy’.

But, living in South Florida and being a former NBA Fan-atic, it is very hard to not get swept up with the Miami Heat.

So, while I will still be focusing on baseball, I will also be watching the NBA Finals.

And I thought it was only right to formally state my prediction here for all to see.



I predict that the Miami Heat will win the NBA Championship, 4 games to 1.

Let’s Go Heat!!!!

5 responses to “NBA Finals Prediction

  1. It is true that LeBron James played well against the Celtics but if he faced the team during their prime, the King doesn’t stand a chance. I respect your opinion but I feel that Oklahoma City will win the title, 4 games to 2. LeBron James can be on a scoring rage again but don’t forget that he lacks the clutch gene that Kevin Durant possesses.

    • onchieonch- And I will respect your opinion, but the comment about ‘if he faced the team during their price’ makes no sense. You cannot choose your competition. As for the ‘clutch’ conversation, didn’t he just single-handedly beat the Celtics in an elimination game? ‘Clutch’ in my opinion means quite a bit more than making a shot with three seconds left on the clock – he is the lone reason that the Heat is in the NBA finals. That has to count for something.

      Enjoy the series!

      • Nothing against LeBron man.. In fact, he amazed me with his monster performance against the Celtics. Its just that in my observation, LBJ and the Heat dominates the game with their 10 to 20-point lead but in a close game. What’s happening with the King? Missed free-throws just when they need it.

  2. Boston had ’em & blew it … still pissed! I hope & pray OKC wins it. Nothing against Miami … I just cant stand LBJ
    Should be an exciting series. I actually see it going 7 games.

  3. LeBron being anti-clutch is a complete myth. By nearly every definition of clutch, he is more clutch than Kobe Bryant, who tends to be most bunched in with the word. People just like to point to last year’s finals and not consider anything else in his career.

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