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Fergie Jenkins 1991 Upper Deck BAT – “Mr. Durability”

Fergie Jenkins 1991 Upper Deck BAT – “Mr. Durability”

This is the third card that I have scooped up from this 1991 Upper Deck release.  I am not certain as to how many cards made up the set, but I have the Ron Santo card, the Cy Young/Whitey Ford/Fergie Jenkins card, and now Fergie’s solo card too.

Check it out:

Following the same pattern at the others, this card is a tri-fold card with three distinct parts.

Of them, I like them in the order of right to left.  And while that B.A.T. logo appears to be the staple of the set, I would much rather prefer an alternate image – either another one of Fergie or something Cubs-related.

A fantastic addition for my Fergie Jenkins collection!!!


Frank Robinson 2001 Topps Archives

Frank Robinson 2001 Topps Archives

Jeez, three Cincinnati Reds baseball cards in a row…  I’ll change that with the next post, I promise.

But in the meantime, check out this great Frank Robinson card I picked up from the 2001 Topps Archives set.

Pretty nice, right?

Yeah, I am really liking it.  A lot!

And let me go on the record right now, if I had a ‘Top Ten Rookie Cards To Get List’, this card would certainly hover near the top!!!

Hmmm….  that could be a great future post.  Time to do a little homework…


Pete Rose 1986 Donruss – ‘Pete Rose Ty-Breaking’

Pete Rose 1986 Donruss – ‘Pete Rose Ty-Breaking’

As a kid, I thought that this baseball card was really cool.  After all, I watched Pete Rose break Ty Cobb’s all-time hits record.  So, it was nice to have a baseball card to commemorate that event.

And if memory serves me correctly, I had at least one full 9-pocket page that displayed this card very well.

Here is the card:

Twenty-six years later, I still find this card very likable.  I am not a big fan of the 1986 Donruss baseball card design, but for this card, that horrible border does not hinder the overall look like it did for many of the base cards in the set.

Ichiro Collects 2,500th Hit Of MLB Career

PHOENIX — Ichiro Suzuki was back in the starting lineup on Tuesday night and blooped a single to center field in his first at-bat to lead off the game for his 2,500th hit since he came to U.S. and signed with the Mariners in 2001.

He also pounded out 1,278 hits while playing in Japan.

“Yeah, 2,500 hits? That’s a great accomplishment,” Mariners manager Eric Wedge said hours before his club’s rematch with the D-backs at Chase Field. “He’s a guy getting there quicker than most. It’s just a testimony to his consistency over his career.”

The 38-year-old Ichiro reached that plateau in the fourth fewest games. His 2,500th hit came in his 1,817th game. Al Simmons had 2,500 hits in 1,784 games, Ty Cobb in 1,790 and George Sisler in 1,808.

D-backs manager Kirk Gibson also said he has long been an Ichiro admirer.

“He’s a consistent player, but he has a total game,” Gibson said. “Offensively, defensively, he has power if he wants to. It’s amazing what he can do with the bat. He’s got all those hits. He gets down the line very quick. When Japanese players come up you can see a lot of Ichiro in them. He’s certainly set the table for them the way they play.”

Ichiro, though, has been struggling this year at the plate. His .255 batting average going into Tuesday night’s game was 78 points below his career mark of .323.

That’s one of the reasons he sat on Monday. It was the second time this year Wedge has decided to take the veteran right fielder out of the starting lineup to give him a breather. Ichiro has started in 67 of the team’s first 69 games.

Suzuki’s offensive output began to slip last year when he batted .272 with 184 hits, his first season in the Majors without 200 hits or more, snapping a Major League Baseball record of 10 seasons in a row.

Wedge tried to get Ichiro going this year by moving him to the No. 3 slot in the batting from his traditional leadoff position. When that didn’t work, Wedge shifted him back to the top spot. He has negligible power numbers with four homers and 23 RBIs.

Ichiro was not very happy about missing a game, the first since Wedge sat him at Texas on May 30. That one snapped a 150-game streak in which Ichiro had started every game.

“It’s not easy to be out of the lineup,” Ichiro said on Monday night after the Mariners lost, 7-1. “As a player you always want to be needed in the lineup.”

Wedge said it’s a balancing act, trying to manage the needs of a proud player against the needs of the club.

“I try to communicate with ‘Ichi’ as much as I can and be consistent with that,” Wedge said. “And I’m just open and honest with him. The three hole didn’t work out. Now we’re trying him in the one hole. We’re going to give him more time to get himself going there. That’s where he’s most comfortable. That’s where he’s had the most success. When you make a move like that you want to give it time.

“You never know. Today might be the day he clicks and then he rolls the rest of the way. We’ll see. Obviously he’s had his struggles the last couple of years. Hopefully he can find something and help us.”

1982 Fleer ‘Dynamic Duos’ Starring Johnny Bench & Tom Seaver

1982 Fleer ‘Dynamic Duos’ Starring Johnny Bench & Tom Seaver

These two baseball players dominated their positions and leagues for many, many years.

It’s just a shame that the card is not more appealing to look at.

Here it is:

And since I have yet to declare myself a Tom Seaver collector, this one will happily rest in my Johnny Bench collection.

You know, looking at the card does make me wonder what these two were up to when this photo was taken…

A few options:

  • press conference
  • Q&A session with the fans
  • Karaoke