Kirby Puckett ‘Fab Five’ – Card #2 – 1986 Topps

Kirby Puckett ‘Fab Five’ – Card #2 – 1986 Topps

Now that my Kirby Puckett collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #2 – 1986 Topps

During the near 4-year stretch that I have been running this blog, I have fondly called the 1986 Topps set the ‘Stencil Set’.

The design is basic, the pictures are large, and the lone graphic element looks like it could have been done with a set of stencils.

This card of Kirby Puckett looks great.  The Red used in the team nameplate is a perfect complement to the Red of Kirby’s Twins uniform.

And I also love the full follow-through that the photographer captured for this image!!!

Have a look:

One response to “Kirby Puckett ‘Fab Five’ – Card #2 – 1986 Topps

  1. One of the best players ever. Amazing simply awesome.

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