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Pete Rose 1987 Fleer Limited Edition

Pete Rose 1987 Fleer Limited Edition

As a collector of baseball cards that prefers cards that feature players from my youth or generations prior, most of the ‘new’ cards that I find of these players comes from modern issues.

But, every once in a while, I find a card of a player that was released decades ago.

This is one of those cases.  And the fact that I have never seen this card prior to buying it last week makes it even more special.

The card features Mr. Pete Rose.  And it comes from the 1987 Fleer Limited Edition set.  The set contains just 44 cards, and while Rose was not playing in 1987, you will get no complaints from me about him being part of the set.

Here is the card:

Now put this guy in the Hall of Fame already!!!

Joe Morgan 2007 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

Joe Morgan 2007 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

My commentary of this set has been pretty consistent – very dark borders with very nice photos.

And that streak continues with this card of Joe Morgan.

Have a look:

The Red works well as the background of the photo, and the highlights of Morgan’s helmet and uniform compliment the background very well.

I have always been a fan of the Gold filigree of this card, it is just the right amount – not too much, not too little.

I will say that I am a little bothered by the White version of the Reds logo near the bottom of the card.  I like that logo, I just need it to be Red.

Fergie Jenkins 2012 Topps Archives Reprint

Fergie Jenkins 2012 Topps Archives Reprint

I purposely waited to go after this card.

Gone are the days of me needing to scoop up a new release the first time I see it on Ebay with a ‘Buy It Now’ option.  I am a wiser collector now.  And the cards that I used to pay up to $4.00 for after shipping costs, I am now getting regularly for quite a bit less – and those savings add up over time.  Trust.

I have also started to put together a pretty solid group of card-collecting buddies in which we have some unwritten rules in place.  Some of these involve teams, and some involve players, but the rules are as simple as they get – If I pull cards of the player/team that you actively collect, they are yours.  And vice-versa of course too.

This has led to me getting some great, and quick, additions to my collection.  I’ve scored some great additions to my player collections and my Marlins collection as well.

And my latest score??  Well, it comes from reader Quentin.  And it is the Fergie Jenkins card from the 2012 Topps Archives release.  And it is a beauty, have a look: 

The card is a reprint of Fergie’s 1967 Topps card.  And it just so happens to represent Fergie’s first card as a member of the Chicago Cubs!!

Gotta love it.  Thanks again ‘Q’!!!!

You Really Can’t Blame Tom Browning…

You Really Can’t Blame Tom Browning…

On this day in 1995, Tom Browning left a game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs while the game was still going on.  In fact, he left during the third inning!!

Where did he go, you ask??  Well, he went where everyone wanted to be – The rooftops!  Browning exited Wrigley Field, walked across the street, and proceeded to the rooftops of the buildings behind the outfield wall to experience the game from that vantage point.  And he did all of this while wearing his Reds’ uniform!!!

Truly amazing!  Truly unprofessional!  Truly hilarious!

Brownings’ manager, Davey Johnson, was waiting for him.  And when he got back, Browning received a $500 fine.

Of the incident, Browning says, “If I was the manager, I’d fine me, too,” he said. “But it was done strictly in jest, for fun. You have to enjoy the game.”

Baseball Card Show T-O-N-I-G-H-T!!!!

Baseball Card Show T-O-N-I-G-H-T!!!!

As you are reading this, I am more than likely either traveling to or am already at a baseball card show.  Are you jealous??


Being that it is the first weekend of the month, that means that the local card show is upon us.  And I am gonna be there!!!

I was trying to come up with a list of goals for this show, and it was tougher this time around than the last few times I was preparing for a show.

Part of that reason is the change in dealers present – new dealers that I am not familiar with means new options, some of which are not what I am seeking.

Still, I like to go with goals.  So, here is what I will be seeking at the show:

  1. 2012 Topps Archives cards of my favorite former players
  2. Bargain Box rookie cards (I struck Gold with Smoltz last month)
  3. HOF relic cards
  4. 1968 Topps Game cards from my ‘Need List’
  5. Bryce Harper rookies
  6. 2012 Topps Heritage Marlins for my team set (I need most of the SPs still)
  7. Inspiration for my next round of player collections

And while not an ‘official’ goal, I want to see some of the new 2012 subsets that I am really enjoying – Mound Dominance, MoonShots, Sliding Stars, etc. 

And there it is – Wish me luck!!!

And don’t forget, on Monday I will show you each and every card that I grabbed.  Have a great weekend!