1/2 Through – Milestones To Look Forward To During The 2012 Major League Baseball Season

1/2 Through – Milestones To Look Forward To During The 2012 Major League Baseball Season

Well friends, 1/2 of the 2012 MLB season is in the books so it is time for a peek at the milestones that I hoping would occur during the season. 

I will keep all updates posted at the 1/4-mark in Green.  My new 1/2-mark updates will be recorded in Blue.

Here we go….

Can Ichiro re-capture his ability to collect 200 hits in a season?  If so, it will be the 11th time in his 12-year career that he reaches the mark

With 55 hits, Ichiro is well on his way

Ichiro now has 89 hits at the half-way mark.  200 may not be a lock

Can Dan Uggla hit 30 or more home runs for the 6th straight season extending the record for a second baseman?

Uggla has 7 home runs so far.  If you recall, he was smoking hot during the second quarter of 2011.  Hopefully he picks up the pace a bit…

Uggla has just 11 home runs at the break.  He is capable of a 15-HR month, but will he do it??

Can Alex Rodriguez eclipse Willie Mays’ 660 career home runs?  He currently rests at 629. 

A-Rod has hit 7 home runs this season and  rests at 636.  660 is still a posibility!

A-Rod has connected for 13 home runs so far this season.  He needs 18 more to tie Willie Mays.

Can Albert Pujols reach the 500-HR plateau?  He needs 55 home runs to reach the mark, and while he has never had a 50-HR season, he has a new ballpark to play in, the ability to play DH, and an entire new league of pitchers to feast on.

He’s been hot as of late, but Pujols has only connected for 7 homers this season.  48 more seems very unlikely.

Pujols has 13 home runs this season and needs 42 more to reach 500.  Not gonna happen (this season).

How long until Miguel Cabrera eclipses the 300-HR mark?  He sits at 277 right now, but with Prince Fielder batting behind him, he may be close to this number by the All-Star break.

Cabrera has connected for 8 home runs.  He needs just 15 more to reach 300.  Should not be a problem.

Miguel Cabrera has 18 round-trippers so far this season.  He needs just 5 more to reach 300 for his career.  This is a ‘LOCK’.

Roy Halladay needs just 12 wins to reach 200 for his career.

Halladay is 4-4 on the year.  He will get 8 more wins, it is just a matter of when.

Halladay is now 4-5 in 11 starts.  He should be returning from the DL after the All-Star break.  This can still happen, but the Phillies will have to play a big part to get it done.

Tim Hudson needs 19 wins to reach 200 for his career, can he repeat some of the magic that he has had in years past?

After an extended trip on the DL, Hudson is 3-2 i n6 starts.  200 wins seems unlikely, but you never know…

Hudson is 7-4 in 11 starts this year.  He needs 12 more wins to get to 200.  That will probably happen in 2013.

Ryan Braun has had five straight 100+ RBI seasons.  Can he repeat this feat without Prince Fielder behind him in the Brewers line-up??

Braun has already collected 34 RBI – he is on his way!!

Braun has 60 RBI at the break.  100 should happen as long as he remains healthy!!

Tim Lincecum continues to mow down batters.  He has five straight seasons of at least 200 or more strikeouts recorded.  Will 2012 be year number six??

Lincecum’s numbers are not what they were like during his Cy Young years.  Still, he is strking guys out – 58 so far.  On his way to 200!!

Lincecum has had a rough go in 2012.  He is 3-9 with an ERA of 6.08.  He does have 101 strikeouts which puts him in contention for another 200-K season.  Hopefully the Giants can remain in playoff contention so his games have meaning.

Alex Rodriguez needs just 107 RBI to move him into 4th place on the All-Time list with 2,000 for his career.  A solid campaign could get him there.

A-Rod has only driven in 19 runs so far, 107 is a long ways away, but if he gets hot he can still do it.

A-Rod has just 37 RBI this year – a far cry from the production that he is used to.  He now has 1,930 career RBI and rests in 8th place on the all-time list.  22 more RBI will land him in 6th place, but I am not certain that he will get to 5th this year (he would need 66).

So there you have it – These are some of the baseball milestones that I will be tracking as the 2012 season gets under way.  Just like in previous seasons, I will offer up recaps of these possible baseball milestones as the season progresses – please stay tuned for that.

What are you going to be watching for this year??

Thanks for reading!!!

I’ll have another update for you in roughly 40 games or so… 


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  1. GO Ichiro!

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