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‘Ultimate Dawson’ Continues To Roll On!!!

‘Ultimate Dawson’ Continues To Roll On!!!

I have been doing a much better job of keeping my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ page updated with my latest and greatest Andre Dawson related treassures.

I invite you now to go ahead and take a tour of the Constantly Growing & Improving Ultimate Dawson!!!


Andre Dawson And His Wildly Affordable 1977 Topps Rookie Baseball Card

Andre Dawson And His Wildly Affordable 1977 Topps Rookie Baseball Card

It is amazing to me that the most coveted baseball card from the 1977 Topps baseball set can be had pretty regularly for less than $8.00.

It is very rare to find a Hall of Famer’s rookie card at such an affordable price – especially one that was issued in the 1970’s; before collecting hit its pinnacle.

So, if you don’t have one I suggest you get one.

The price of these cards will surely go up over time – but for the time being you can bring home a classic rookie card of a legendary player at a price that can be beat!!!

And if you happen to find one that you feel is worth picking up but you just are not ready to pull the trigger let me know; I am always happy to grab a few more for my collection!!!

Here is ‘Hawk’s’ rookie card:


Andre Dawson & The Baseball Hall Of Fame!!!

Andre Dawson & The Baseball Hall Of Fame!!!

Andre Dawson’s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame was a moment that I will never forget.  For Dawson fans, as well as Expos, Cubs, Red Sox, and Marlins fans too, the induction was long overdue.

A popular teammate and player among the fans, Dawson played the game right.  He worked hard, loved the game, and was a great teammate that attempted to put winning before everything.

The end result?

A phenomenal career that allowed him to play more than 20 seasons in the big leagues.  A solid player at all aspects of the game, Dawson amasses many statistical achievements that put him on par with some of the greatest outfielders in the history of the game.

Congratulations on a fantastic career Andre!!

Andre Dawson’s Jersey Deserves To Be Hanging Somewhere!!!

Andre Dawson’s Jersey Deserves To Be Hanging Somewhere!!!

Prior to shutting down their operations and moving to Washington DC to be renamed the Washington Nationals, the Montreal Expos had retired Andre Dawson’s #10 jersey.  A special honor held for baseball’s elite players, this gesture by the team showed just how much Dawson meant to the team over the course of his 11 seasons North of the border.

While this was a very special acknowledgement, the lasting impact of it faded quickly.  When the Expos became the Nationals back in 2005 they put the three retired Expos numbers right back into the available list of numbers that a player could select.

Overnight, the tributes to the three greatest Expos players of All-time vanished – no more tributes to Andre Dawson or Gary Carter or Tim Raines.  What a terrible way to erase the impact these three players had on that franchise.

While Dawson’s greatest single season came as a member of the Chicago Cubs, he had his greatest successes while playing in Montreal.  And although I would personally love to see it, I doubt that Andre’s 6 years in Chicago or 2 years in Boston or 2 years in Florida are enough to get his number retired by any of those teams.

This whole thing is a shame, and it’s terrible that what ‘The Hawk’ did for the Expos has basically been erased.

Could the Marlins??  Would the Marlins??

Andre Dawson = 2,000 & 300 & 300

Andre Dawson = 2,000 & 300 & 300

On Septmber 22, 1990 Andre Dawson became just the second player in major league baseball history to achieve 2,000 hits, 30o home runs, and 300 steals.

The first player to be in that group??   None other than Hall of Famer, Willie Mays!!

Not bad company.  Not bad company at all!!!

Congratulations ‘Hawk’!!!!

Dawson CC

That Magnificent MVP Season Of 1987!!!

That Magnificent MVP Season Of 1987!!!

The 1987 baseball season was easily the greatest single-season in Andre Dawson’s career.  In his first year with the Chicago Cubs, Dawson certainly proved his worth to the team and quickly became it’s best all-around player.

The acknowledgements that year kept pouring in – National League All-star, Gold Glove Award winner, Silver Slugger Bat, and the ultimate prize being the National League Most Valuable Player trophy!!!

And their was good reason for all of these acknowledgements.  Dawson’s numbers were incredible in ’87.

Check ‘em out : 178 hits, .278 batting average, 90 runs scored, 49 home runs(career high), 137 RBI(career high), 11 stolen bases, .568 slugging percentage, .986 fielding percentage, just 4 errors made in the field, and 12 outfield assists!!!

Awesome stuff.  Way to go ‘Hawk’!!!!

Andre Dawson & The Cycle

Andre Dawson & The Cycle

On April 29, 1987 Andre Dawson hit for the cycle as his Chicago Cubs beat the San Francisco Giants 8-4.

Batting 3rd in the Cubs’ line-up, Dawson went 5-for-5 in the game while collecting 2 RBI.

The breakdown – Hit #1 – 1st inning, Home Run(6th of the season).  Hit #2 – 3rd inning, Double.  Hit #3 – 4th inning – Single.  Hit #4 – 6th inning – Triple.  Hit #5 – 8th inning – Single.

Not a bad day at the ballpark, huh???

An Andre Dawson Photo That Still Makes Me Cringe…

An Andre Dawson Photo That Still Makes Me Cringe…

Man this is still hard to look at…  You’ve been warned!!!

The stories that followed and surrounded this beaning are legendary.  From ‘The Hawk’ leaping to his feet with blood dripping from his face in an attempt to get back to Eric show.  You also had Rick Sutcliffe knocking down Padres like bowling pins in an attempt to gain retribution for what was thought to be an intention beaning.  And best of all, you had a struggling, young rookie name Greg Maddux who hit a Padre in the next inning solely to gain the respect of his teammates and locker room.

Andre Dawson Is The Definition Of A ’5-Tool Player’

Andre Dawson Is The Definition Of A ’5-Tool Player’

By now you should know that I enjoy the players that have an all-around game.  Sure I have my favorite power hitters and defensive specialists, but in my eyes nothing compares to the guys that havethe uncanny ability to excel at all aspects of the game.

And when it comes to Andre Dawson, this is certainly one of the factors that I enjoyed about watching him play during his career and is a big reason as to why he remains my favorite player more than 10 years after his retirement from playing professional baseball.

The tools are simple to understand, yet few players are able to put the complete package together.  Andre Dawson is one of the players that was able to and here are the stats to back up that fact.

The Tools

Hitter for average –  Dawson’s lifetime batting average is .279.  He has collected 2,774 career hits in 2,627 games played.

Hitter for power – Andre has smashed 438 career home runs.  With just one season with more than 40 home runs(he hit 49 in 1987), Dawson was the picture of consistent power for many of his years in the game.

Base Running skills – ‘The Hawk’ has stolen 314 bases in his career and is one of just 4 players to compile more than 400 homers and 300 steals in a career.

Defensive abilities – Dawson was all over the field while using his speed to track down balls that many other players would have let drop.  Dawson retired with a career fielding percentage of .983 and committed just 93 errors in 21 seasons(less than 5 per year).

Arm strength and control – ‘The Hawk’ had a cannon for an arm and often threw out guys trying to take third base on what should have just been a double.  Dawson has recorded 157 outfield assists due to his ability to throw the ball with power and precision.

Is Andre Dawson a ’5-Tool Player’???  You betcha!!!

Two Words : That Stare

Two Words : That Stare

That supreme look of intense concentration prior to each pitch.  I have no doubt in my mind that this very intimidating look on Andre’s face made more than 1 pitcher get nervous while preparing to throw a baseball by ‘The Hawk’.

As I watched Andre’s focus, both live at Cubs games and on television, his concentration level came across in the same manner – Intense.  The power behind his swing.  The speed of the bat whipping through the strike zone.  The crack of the bat and ball colliding in mid-air. And that perfect follow through as he drove the ball…  All of that started at each at-bat with ‘that stare’.

‘That stare’ has been brought to you by 1981 Donruss.