Players & Picks For the All-Star MVP Contest!!!

Players & Picks For the All-Star MVP Contest!!!

Alright Guys, you’ve all made your selections.  Now the only thing left to do is sit back and watch the greatest exhibition in sports tonight!

Here is a snapshot of the players in the contest and the All-Stars representing them:

Player Pick
Nick Joey Votto
Adam Buster Posey
Jeff Jose Bautista
Charley Carlos Beltran
Brad Chipper Jones
Ron Andrew McCutcheon
mmosley David Wright
Matt D Adam Jones
Nathan Robinson Cano
Q Starlin Castro
Gregory Mike Trout
Steve D Ryan Brayn
Travis Ian Kinsler
Spiegel83 Derek Jeter
Stealing Home Yu Darvish
Ryan Josh Hamilton
Anthony H Mike Napoli
Charlie Prince Fielder
Diamond King Paul Konerko
Matt W David Freese
Justin Bryan LaHair
Jeff G Rafael Furcal
Spankee Carlos Ruiz
Justin Curits Granderson
McGee-Fan51 Yadier Molina
Chris Matt Holiday
commishbob Matt Weiters
night owl RA Dickey
Play At The Plate Adrian Beltre
max Billy Butler
John Bryce Harper
Marcus Adam Dunn
swirly Prince Fielder
Justin Derek Jeter

Enjoy the game everyone – I will have a post announcing the winner of the contest tomorrow morning!!!

And don’t forget that this is the prize you’re all fighting for:

See you tomorrow.


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