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Andre Dawson 1987 Fleer Update – Autographed!!!

Andre Dawson 1987 Fleer Update – Autographed!!!

I’ve always thought that it would be a fun challenge to try to get all of Andre Dawson’s cards issues during his playing days signed.  Yes, a definite challenge!

And while I have yet to make that an ‘official’ goal, I still chip away at the different cards when the opportunity presents itself.

My latest pick-up that fits into this scheme is from the 1987 Fleer Update set, Andre’s first Fleer baseball card as a member of the Chicago Cubs.

Here it is:

That Blue Sharpie autograph really pops on this card!!!

A great addition to my collection.  🙂

2011 Topps Dynamic Duos Featuring Hank Aaron & Jason Heyward

2011 Topps Dynamic Duos Featuring Hank Aaron & Jason Heyward

I am still on the fence with this card.

On one hand, I understand the pairing – Atlanta Braves, outfielders, dynamic talent.

But, on the other hand, there will never be another Hank Aaron.

And on top of that, Jason Heyward (as good as he is) is far from a guy that reminds me of what Hank Aaron could do on a baseball field.

Hank Aaron could do it all.  Sure, home runs may be the first thing you think about, but Hank is also 3rd in career hits in major league history.  He was also a batting champion.  And let’s not forget about being the major league leader in both RBI and total bases too.

Hank Aaron is the most accomplished hitter in major league history.  And no offense meant to Jason Heyward, but he will be luck to accomplish half of what Henry has done.

Happy Anniversary Hank Aaron!!!

Happy Anniversary Hank Aaron!!!

On this day in 1968, Hank Aaron belted the 500th home run of his amazing baseball career.  This milestone came at home and in Atlanta against the San Francisco Giants.  In the bottom of the third inning, Aaron crushed a 3-run home run off of Giants’ pitcher Mike McCormick giving the Braves a 3-0 lead and giving baseball another member in the historic ‘500 HR Club’.

For the day, Aaron went 2-for-4 with the home run and a single.  He drove in three runs on the day while scoring another.

This game also featured another future member of the ‘500 HR Club’ – Hall of Famer, Willie McCovey.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Aaron!!!

Happy Anniversary Eddie Mathews!!!

Happy Anniversary Eddie Mathews!!!

On this day in 1967, Eddie Mathews joined the exclusive ‘500 Home Runs Club’.

After playing 15 years with the Braves organization, Mathews bounced around a bit between Detroit and Houston to finish his 17-year major league career.  It was in 1967, during his time with the Houston Astros that Mathews became just the seventh player in big league history to collect 500 home runs.

He did it on July 14th in 1967 when he and his Astros teammates were on the road in San Francisco to take on the Giants.  In the top of the 6th inning Mathews hit a huge home run off of future Hall of Fame pitcher Juan Marichal and the rest was history.  For the game, Mathews went 2-for-4 with 3 RBI and 1 run scored.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Mathews!!!

Happy Birthday Robin Ventura!!!

Robin Ventura turns 45 years old today!!

Ah, one of my favorite White Sox players of all-time is celebrating his birthday today.  As a Cubs loyalist, it’s hard to even admit, verbally or written, that I like some of the players on the ‘pale hose’.  But, truth be told, when I first moved to Chi-town in 1988, it was much easier to get tickets to see the Sox so I enjoyed several games at Comiskey Park.  And of the players I got to see regularly, Robin Ventura became one of my favorites.  You see, I was a third baseman too and I was also a much better contact hitter than power hitter.  The similarities between myself and Robin Ventura in regards to our baseball successes stops there…

What I enjoyed most about Ventura was watching him get better.  He was not a rookie that came into the league and took baseball by storm.  He was a worker and over the first few seasons we got to watch him get better.  He got better at hitting, driving in runs, and defense and Sox fans took him in as their own because of his dedication to the team and the game.  It was nice to see him blossom and he churned out a very solid 16-year career.

By the end of his playing days, Ventura was a 2-time All-star and 6-time Gold Glove award winner.  He tallied 1,885 career hits and slammed 294 home runs.

Currently, Robin Ventura is back in Chicago serving as manager of the team he debuted with – the White Sox.  He is doing a solid job, and I wish him the best.

Happy Birthday Mr. Ventura!!!


YES – I Have Finally Added A Signed Wade Boggs Baseball To My Collection!!!

YES – I Have Finally Added A Signed Wade Boggs Baseball To My Collection!!!

Ever since meeting Wade Boggs back in April of this year, I have wanted to add a signed ball to my collection.

And while I want to the event fully prepared to have him sign a ball (and bat) for me, that did not work out as I anticipated.

Still, I have the memories.  And Boggs was one of my favorites as a kid, so it was a thrill that will last a long time for this fan!!

Anyway, I have been shopping for Boggs stuff for a while now.  And I even want as far as searching his future signing events in hope of finding a cheap enough event to send stuff in for.  Sadly, as with most former Yankees players, they can charge a bunch and sell out tickets quickly so that avenue was closed to me.

But Ebay?  Yes, Ebay is a collector’s friend.

And if you are patient enough, you too can bring home an item like this for a very, very affordable rate.

So, I did.  And I could not be more pleased!!!

A fantastic addition to my signed baseball collection.