1968 Topps Game – George Scott

1968 Topps Game – George Scott

There is no doubt as to why George Scott was included in this 1968 set.

Simply stated, Scott had a fantastic sophomore-season in 1967.

As a 23-year old member of the Boston Red Sox, George Scott put together the kind of season that the ‘Fenway Faithful’ attaches to the tag os ‘Superstar’.

Scott’s efforts in 1967 landed in 10th place for the AL MVP Award, and he also brought home a Gold Glove Award too.

The numbers – 159 games played, .303 batting average, 171 hits, 21 doubles, 7 triples, 19 home runs, 74 runs scored, and 82 RBI.  It looks as though Scott’s achille’s heel was the strike out – 641 plate appearances in the ’67 season, Scott struck out 119 times.  It was an improvement over his league leading 152 K’s from his rookie season in 1966, but it is a far cry from a disciplined hitter too…

Scott would go on to win 8 Gold Glove Awards during his time in Boston and Milwaukee.  He would finish in the Top 25 for the MVP Award five times. 

Progress – 27/33

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