Investing In Jeter!!!!

Investing In Jeter!!!!

As much as I love the sport of baseball, I don’t often let my love for today’s game interfere with my desire to primarily collect and honor the great stars of the past.

And for the most part, I am successful with that mission.

Sure, every once in a while I like to tear open a pack of cards to remind me of what that feels like, but I get as much joy from buying a 1983 Topps Super Veteran card of Johnny Bench than others may get from pulling a serial numbered card of Aroldis Chapman.

Still, I appreciate what today’s player brings to the overall history of the game.  For me, the leader that charge is the captain of the New York Yankees, Mr. Derek Jeter!!!

I truly respect the way that Jeter approaches the game.

And that led me to buying one of his 1993 Topps rookie cards.

Here it is:

And then I bought another:

And another:

And yet another:

Pretty soon, I was sitting on a pretty nice stack of Derek Jeter rookie cards.

And while you may think that I just keep re-inserting the same image over and over as a way to make you think that I bought more than one card ( would I do that?), here is proof that I have picked up multiples:

Come on B, you can do better than that…

Ok, how about this shot???

Side view:

Still not pleased, Ok, try this one:

🙂 – have you had enough yet??

OK, I have one more picture to share – and I promise, no more shenanigans!!!

Here are the 10 Derek Jeter 1993 Topps rookie cards that I have picked up:

Thanks for reading – sorry for teasing…

Call me ‘The Prospector + 20’!!!!


4 responses to “Investing In Jeter!!!!

  1. Ron Churchwell


  2. Interested in trading one of those, B?

  3. Would love just a couple of the gold parallels.. they look nice.

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