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Andre Dawson 2012 Topps Series 2 – ‘Golden Moments’

Andre Dawson 2012 Topps Series 2 – ‘Golden Moments’

Yessir, another card featuring Andre Dawson from the 2012 Topps Series Two release is now mine.

This card is from the ‘Golden Moments’ subset, and I am really, really liking it!!!

Have a look:

And while the image that is used for this card is not the exact image, it is very similar to the image used on Dawson’s 1987 Fleer baseball card, and that is a personal favorite of mine.  You can see that card here.

As for the card, it honors a game from September 24, 1985 when Dawson connected for three home runs in the same game, including two in the same inning.  Overall, Andre had 8 RBI in the contest and importantly, his Expos captured the 17-15 win over the Chicago Cubs.



Pete Rose 1986 Fleer ‘Baseball’s Best’

Pete Rose 1986 Fleer ‘Baseball’s Best’

I really like these small, limited edition sets put out by Fleer in the mid-to-late 1980’s.  They offer a lot of opportunities for a player collector, like myself, to score bulk amounts of cards of favorite players.

As a major face of baseball in the mid-1980’s, Pete Rose found himself in a lot of these sets.

Here is his card from the 1986 Fleer ‘Baseball’s Best’ set:

I just wish that Fleer used an action picture instead of this one – give me Pete hitting, or sliding, or playing defense.  Pretty Please…


1973 Topps – 1972 Batting Leaders: Billy Williams & Rod Carew

1973 Topps – 1972 Batting Leaders: Billy Williams & Rod Carew

I have been building my Billy Williams player collection for almost four years now.  And since this card has been one that I have already added to that set, this newly obtained one will fill a void in my Rod Carew collection instead.

And she is a beauty!!!

Have a look:

Any time you can add a vintage card to your collection it is a very good day.  And when that card happens to feature two of your favorites on it, even better!

Happy Friday!

Did You Know….

Phil Cavarretta was the only active player in the major leagues to be on an active roster when Babe Ruth his the final home run of his career and Hank Aaron hit the first home run of his career.

In 1935, Cavarretta was playing first base for the Chicago Cubs.  And in 1955, he played in his final season for the cross-town rival, Chicago White Sox.


Happy Birthday Charles Johnson!!!

Happy Birthday Charles Johnson!!!

Charles Johnson turns 41 years old today.

Charles Johnson means a lot to Florida Marlins fans, and the people of Miami.

Johnson is a local product, having played his college baseball at the University of Miami.  He was drafted by the Marlins during the first round of the 1992 draft.  And a few years later, he was the starting catcher for the team – his team.

Johnson played in the big leagues for 12 seasons; 7 of which were in Miami.  He helped lead the team to the 1997 World Series with his stellar defense.  In total, Johnson collected four Gold Glove Awards for his defensive excellence at catcher.

Johnson is a 2-time All-Star and collected 940 hits during his career including 211 doubles and 167 home runs.

Happy Birthday CJ!!!


30-Year Old Cardboard’s “Ultimate Dawson” Collection Featured In Beckett Sports Card Monthly!!!!

30-Year Old Cardboard’s “Ultimate Dawson” Collection Featured In Beckett Sports Card Monthly!!!!

What can I say?  I am very proud and extremely humbled right now.

My Andre Dawson collection of baseball cards, autographs, and memorabilia is being featured in the August 2012 issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly.  I have been tabbed as a ‘Super Collector’ for the collection I have built of Andre Dawson.

This collection is so personal to me and it has been such a thrill to build it and share it over the years with the great readers of this blog.

I have been an Andre Dawson fan since I was seven years old – and almost thirty years later, I still have vivid memories of watching him rule the outfield, hustle around the bases, and swing his mighty bat.  Sure, other players may have been more talented than ‘The Hawk’ but nobody out-worked him.  His loyalty  and love for the sport of baseball is the same as the loyalty and love that I have poured into being a fan of his.

Each and every card that I have picked up is special to me – and I take them all on as if they were the most rare treasure in the baseball card universe.  Yes, I like other players.  Yes, I collect other players.  But, it is and has always been Andre Dawson for me.

And to think that my collection is worth showcasing in this manner is beyond me.  Still, my chill-bumps are present.

Without further ado:

Page 36 of August’s Beckett Sports Card Monthly

What an honor.  What a thrill.  My wife was even impressed!!!


I owe a few ‘Thank Yous’ for this:

Thank you to Chris Olds and the Beckett team for selecting me for this honor, and for putting together this fabulous spread.

Thank you to reader Matt for thinking that my collection was cool enough to even be considered for this.

Thank you to reader Gerad for your constant loyalty to me and this blog – it was your final push that made me press the ‘Send’ button on my submission email to Beckett.

And most of all, ‘Thank You’ to Andre Dawson.  As it relates to sports heroes, you have been a fantastic one.  There are not many fans that can say that their sports heroes have never let them down, or ruined a moment for them.  But I proudly can!!  The way that you played the game was the way it was meant to be played.  They way that you conduct yourself off the field is solid example for how any one tagged as a ‘celebrity’ should conduct themselves.  And the times that we have had the chance to meet in person, you have been nothing short of wonderful to both me and my family.

Thank You Hawk!!!!

Finally, I Am Ready To Announce The Next Round Of Player Collections I Will Be Building!!!

Finally, I Am Ready To Announce The Next Round Of Player Collections I Will Be Building!!!

I have wrapped up quite a few player collections over the last few months.  And while, I still have a pretty good stack of collections I am working on to complete, I thought it was a good time to add a few more players to my roster.

And as you would expect, each of these guys has left some kind of impression on me.  You can consider each of them to be ’30-YOC favorites’.

And let’s get down to it…

1 – Alan Trammell – All major brand cards from 1978-1990

2 – Eric Davis – Just the Reds

3 – Mike Schmidt – All major brand cards from playing days

4 – Ken Griffey, Sr. – Just the Reds

5 – Dave Parker – Just the Pirates

6 – Rollie Fingers – All major brand cards from playing days

7 – Lou Brock – All major brand cards from playing days

Not a bad squad right there, huh?

I am really excited about collecting these guys.  Hopefully I am able to do well with my pursuit.

You better believe that I will share each and every step of this process with you!!

Stay tuned.