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2006 Fleer Florida Marlins Team Set

2006 Fleer Florida Marlins Team Set

This team set of the Florida Marlins is chock-full of rookie cards that feature players that truly shaped the franchise during the following years.

Starting at the top of the list you have Josh Johnson, Hanley Ramirez, and Dan Uggla.  These three guys would end up in 1st, 3rd, and 4th place for the NL Rookie of the Year voting in 2006.  And they became the core of a very young team that showed a lot of promise.

I have a lot of fond memories of this squad.  We still had Miguel Cabrera on the team back then and he was starting to stake his claim as one of the best hitters in the NL.  And Dontrelle Willis was here too – and he was coming off of a runner-up season for the Cy Young award.

Still, with all of the talent that the team had, they were very young and inexperienced.  The team ended up finishing in 4th place in the NL East with a 78-84 record.

The cards look great though!!!

2008 Donruss Threads ‘Generations’ Starring Hank Aaron & Dale Murphy

2008 Donruss Threads ‘Generations’ Starring Hank Aaron & Dale Murphy

While their career numbers are not comparable, the fear that both Hank Aaron and Dale Murphy put into their opponents is.

Both of these great players were offensive threats that had few contemporaries while they were dominating the National League.

It’s nice to see the two of them paired together on this same card.  And I have to say that this pairing is much better than some of the others that I have seen in more recent baseball card releases…

If I had to name my favorite Braves players of all-time, these two would rank very high on my list.  Hey, that could be a future feature for my ’30-YOC Top Ten’…

Stay tuned for that!!

Joe Morgan 2012 Topps Archives Reprint – 1967 Topps

Joe Morgan 2012 Topps Archives Reprint – 1967 Topps

I like this card for many reasons.  But the number one reason that I am enjoying this baseball card is that it is a nice compliment to my ‘original’ 1967 Topps card of Joe Morgan.  Yes, I own the one that was produced 45 years ago!!!

1967 was Joe Morgan’s third full season in the majors.  And while he had yet to become the offensive powerhouse that would go on to win 2 MVP award and be named to several All-Star teams, Morgan was showing signs of what was to come…

During the ’67 season, Morgan hit .275 while collecting 136.  Of his hits, 27 were doubles, 11 were triples, and 6 were home runs.  Morgan stole 29 bases in 1967, while also scoring 73 runs.

A fantastic addition to my Joe Morgan collection!!! 

Did You Know…

The team to produce the most Cy Young Award winners since the 2000 baseball season is the Arizona Diamondbacks. 

Since 2000, the D-Backs have produced 4 winners:
Randy Johnson (2000,2001,2002)
Brandon Webb (2006)

Happy Birthday Barry Bonds!!!

Happy Birthday Barry Bonds!!!

Barry Bonds turns 48 years old today.

Where, oh where has Barry Bonds been?  I can honestly say that I am not very pleased with how Bonds left the game.  I kind of feel unfulfilled with his exit from the sport.

We are all entitled to our opinions, and I know that we all have them when it comes to Bonds.  But, of all of the guys that have exited the game during the course of the last few years and are headed to Cooperstown, we saw sharp declines in their output – except for Barry’s.  We saw it from Frank Thomas and Ken Griffey Jr. and John Smoltz and Randy Johnson and even my beloved Greg Maddux.

But Bonds is the guy that I feel like he could have given us more to watch.  3,000 hits was very close.  As was 800 home runs.  I would have liked to have seen him reach both milestones prior to his retirement from the game.

Happy Birthday Mr. Bonds – you are missed by this fan!!!

Fergie Jenkins 2005 Upper Deck – ‘Cooperstown Calling’ – #1/5

Fergie Jenkins 2005 Upper Deck – ‘Cooperstown Calling’ – #1/5

This is officially the lowest numbered serial-numbered card in my Fergie Jenkins collection.

Numbered as 1/5, it does not get too much better than this for a collector.

And while I would love to own a 1/1 some day, having this card in my collection suits me just fine.

Oh, and the card is sweet too.

Have a look:

The card comes from the 2005 Upper Deck set tagged as ‘Cooperstown Calling’.

The colors of the card are spectacular, and I am digging that Gold logo that celebrates Fergie and his Hall of Fame induction.