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Johnny Bench 2012 Topps Series Two ‘Golden Moments’

Johnny Bench 2012 Topps Series Two ‘Golden Moments’

This ‘Golden Moments’ set is really starting to impress me.  Sure it contains a few cards that I would say are questionable at best when it comes to ‘Golden Moments’ in baseball.  But then I come across a card like this one and my faith is restored.

Here is the card:

The card celebrates Bench’s performance in Game 1 of the NLCS in 1973.  The Reds were facing the Mets, and Tom Seaver.  Bench hit a homer off of his future teammate in the bottom of the ninth inning to give the Reds a 2-1 victory.

The card features the old Reds logo, and it perfectly complements Bench’s uniform and helmet.

Jim Abbott 1992 Fleer Ultra

Jim Abbott 1992 Fleer Ultra

Ultra really brought it with this photo – full action shot, crisp focus, great color!!

Come see:


My First Time – David Wright – July 21, 2004

My First Time – David Wright – July 21, 2004

The Setting – Shea Stadium.  New York.

From Wright – ‘I got on my cell and called my brothers and parents.  My mom told me that she had laundry to do so I could bring clean clothes with me to New York.’

The Boxscore – Mets 5, Expos 4.  Wright goes 0-for-4 in his big league debut.

I’ve Said It Before, And I Will Say It Again – ‘It Is Hard To Be A Marlins Fan’

I’ve Said It Before, And I Will Say It Again – ‘It Is Hard To Be A Marlins Fan’

The last 18 hours have been intense, to say the least.

My emotions have run from enraged to relieved.  From saddened to calm.

My thoughts have been focused on ‘My Team’ for a majority of the day.  They are random.  They are clever.  They are shared by some.  They are not shared by others.  But, they are mine.

And now, they are here for you to read, in random order….


During the course of the day I listened to interviews with Larry Beinfest, Michael Hill, and David Samson – the leaders of the Miami Marlins.  Beinfest and Hill sounded defeated and deflated.  Samson sounded upbeat and at ease.  Maybe the other guys were just exhausted from the long days and nights leading up to today, but there was no life in the interviews with Beinfest or Hill.  Maybe the end is near for them too….


Is it true that Clayton Kershaw was offered for Miguel Cabrera prior to the Marlins trading him to the Detroit Tigers?  Oh man…


Next week’s episode of ‘The Franchise’ is going to be unreal – probably sad and exciting at the same time


For years Hanley was sold as the centerpiece of the franchise.  He was paid as such, marketed as such, and he had the talent to lead, yet he never really did.  If the Marlins tag another player as the ‘centerpiece’ of the team, what does that say about their ability to observe and rate talent? 


My wife’s favorite player on the Marlins is Omar Infante.  Excuse me, WAS Omar Infante….  Sorry Honey, he is gone too….


The ONLY part of Hanley’s game that I did not care for was his desire to swing for the fences.  When he swings and misses, EVERY swing looks like if it had connected it was going over the fence.  I don’t believe that he ever embraced team ball.  The NL is about advancing runners, and scoring one run at a time.  I think he enjoyed having the whole team waiting for at him at home plate a lot more than advancing a guy from second to third with a grounder to the first baseman


As I sit here, I am wearing a Marlins t-shirt.  I still LOVE MY TEAM!


My loyalty comes to the team first.  No current player in major league baseball gets my devotion more than what I give to the team


Baseball is a tough, tough business.  We get taught that a lot here in South Florida – probably more than other markets.  I’ve read that Hanley was shocked and sad. 


When was the last time that Marlins fans celebrated the ‘good’ side of a trade?  Dontrelle’s arrival in 2003??


I am taking a break from baseball tonight.  And maybe tomorrow too.  I’ll watch Big Brother and maybe a few recorded episodes of Gator Boys.  I need a little mindless entertainment


Gotta wonder what Ozzie Guillen is really feeling.  I know that he is animated, but he is also very toned down since the ‘Castro’ incident earlier this year.  I’d really like to know how he feels about the last 36 hours.

And Buehrle too…


My IPhone ESPN application has been chiming the familiar ‘duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh’ ring all day long.  I run to it like an expectant father waiting to get ‘the call’ from his wife

I wouldn’t mind if it stopped for a few hours…


Hanley is starting for the Dodgers tonight in St. Louis.  He is playing 3B and batting 5th.  I may have to sneak a peek….


If Josh Johnson is next and he goes to the Rangers, like rumored, the Rangers will be playing in the World Series for the third year in a row.


Word on the street is that Hanley is wearing #13 tonight


What to do with all of these Hanley Ramirez cards I have been scooping up on the cheap??


There is no way that #2 will be the first jersey number retired by the team now….


My ESPN app just rang again… UGHHH



And there you have it.  Just some of the many thoughts that I had during the day today.

I will part with this thought:

The Florida and Miami Marlins have done this before.  And they will do it again.  I firmly believe that this team, more than any other in major league baseball, shows that baseball is a very tough business.

I do believe that my team is committed to winning, and at the start of the season they looked like they put together a team that could compete at a very high level.

That mission failed, and they are moving on.  The team, the fans, and the sport of baseball in South Florida will move on too.

Prior to 1993, there was no team in Florida.  I had no ‘home team’.  Now, I do and I love my team.  I know what it is like to not have a team local to me.  my team is roughly 40 miles away and I embrace that fact. 

No matter what happens to any individual player on ‘my team’, ‘my team’ will come first.  I just hope that the management in place that runs ‘my team’ will again put us in a place to be called ‘Proud Marlins Fans’.  If not, maybe they too should go and be replaced with new talent.

I end every Marlins related post the same on this blog.  And I will do that again tonight.

GO FISH!!!!!