George Foster 1973 Topps

George Foster 1973 Topps

This is one of those photos in which you have to wonder what the player was thinking as the photographer was trying to get them into the mood to take some great photos.

And sadly, very few turn out well.  And realistic for that matter….

Foster was known to be a quiet guy that was hard to get to know.  Couple that with his tough physical demeanor, and you probably had a very nervous and somewhat nervous photographer on hand.

Picture this:

“OK, um Mr. Foster, it would be really nice if you could just maybe bend your knees a bit.  Yeah, like that.  Maybe a little more.  Like you were preparing to field a ground ball, perhaps.  Just a little more, please.  Ok, now please raise your arms.  No, not above your head.  Just above your knees.  Lower.  Lower.  Lower.  Ok, that is fine.  Please keep bending your knees, sir.  Ok, now can you give me a smile?  Yes, a smile – like you’re having a great time at the ballpark.  Oh, wait, that is your smile?  Sorry.”


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