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“Don’t Mess Wit Joey Furts”

“Don’t Mess Wit Joey Furts”

“My name is Joey Furts and I run dese here parts, ya see.  I’ve got a masters in playin’ poka and a minor in kikin’ ass.

You wanna go toe-to-toe wit da ‘Furts’Man’?  Well step up to da table my friend.  I am da best poka-player dis side of da Mississippi.  And I’ll prove it to ya.  You betta bring all a ya worldly possessions if ya wanna play wit me tho – ‘cuz I’m takin’ ’em all home wit me.  Bring ya money, I’m takin’ it.  Bring ya fancy watch, I’m takin’ dat too.  Bring ya girl, she’ll be screamin’ ‘Furts-Man’ all night long baby!!!!

What?  You wanna play Hold ‘Em against me?  Brudda, I am da king a dat game, and I will put a whoopin’ on you like you have neva seen before.  Two down, and tree up?  No problem, I’ve got ‘Big Slick’ in the hole – that’s right, Kershaw and Hernandez, betta known as Ace & King. 

Nobody messes wit Joey Furts.”

**this is my entry into the contest over at ‘Nachos Grande’


Yogi Berra 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen

Yogi Berra 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen

I keep bringing home cards from the 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen set, and I have yet to be disappointed.

Sure, I have not seen every card that is part of the set.  I’m sure that there has to be a few cards in there that are not as good-looking as the ones that I am finding.  But for the ones that I have scooped up, I am digging them!!

My latest addition from the set is the base card of Yogi Berra.  And it looks great.

Check it out:

What a unique image to use.  I love it!!!


Jim Palmer 2006 Upper Deck ‘All-Time Legends’

Jim Palmer 2006 Upper Deck ‘All-Time Legends’

It is nice to see Jim Palmer get acknowledged in a set of this kind.  The tag of ‘All-Time Legends’ is an elite one, and I believe that Palmer fits into that equation.

The competition that Palmer faced during the 1970’s as it relates to the best pitchers in the sport was fierce.  From Bob Gibson to Fergie Jenkins to Tom Seaver to Juan Marichal to Steve Carlton to Nolan Ryan – competition was at its peak.

And Jim Palmer was right there along with them.  And he brought 3 Cy Young Awards with him too!!!

A great addition to my Jim Palmer collection.

Happy Anniversary Eric Davis!!!

Happy Anniversary Eric Davis!!!

On this day in 1987, Eric Davis collected his 30th home run of the baseball season gaining him entrance into the ’30/30 Club’.

The landmark homer that put him into this elite status came in just his third major league season.  And with his raw ability at the plate and uncanny speed on the base paths, Davis had many fans thinking ’40/40′ was in his near future.

Officially, Davis completed the 1987 baseball season with 37 home runs and 50 steals.  1987 was the most well-rounded offensive season of his career, and he would never reach the ’30/30′ mark again.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Davis!!!

Happy Anniversary Willie McCovey!!!

Happy Anniversary Willie McCovey!!!

On this day in 1959 Willie McCovey hit the first home run of his major league career.

Just 3 days after making his big league debut, McCovey made his first mark with the Giants.  And nobody knew that 520 more bombs would follow over the next 22 seasons.

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Mr. McCovey!!!

Albert Pujols Continues To Quietly Make Baseball History

Albert Pujols Continues To Quietly Make Baseball History

By Roger Schlueter / MLB.com

Albert Pujols entered the 2012 season with a career slash line of .328/.420/.617. The numbers — quite gaudy when viewed from just about any angle — made the right-handed slugger one of six players in baseball history to have at least 3,000 plate appearances and a .300/.400/.600 slash line through his first 11 seasons. The other five are Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, Hank Greenberg and Ted Williams.

Pujols’ 2012 numbers are far below those produced in that historic, 11-year run (he is currently at .284/.350/.506 for the season), but for the past two months he has been hitting like the man who terrorized pitchers from 2001 through ’11. Since the beginning of June, Pujols’ line is right on track with his established career norms (.328/.410/.614).

Albert Pujols homered twice on Tuesday and helped the Angels to a 6-2 win over the Rangers. Texas now owns a three-game lead over the Angels for first place in the AL West.

The two homers gave Pujols 20 for the season, making Pujols the third player in baseball history to hit at least 20 in each of his first 12 seasons. The other players who accomplished this feat are Eddie Mathews and Frank Robinson.

All-time, for players through their first 12 seasons Pujols is No. 1 in home runs (465), doubles (483), total bases (4,093) and extra-base hits (963). He is also fourth in RBIs (1,396), sixth in runs scored (1,348) and tenth in OPS+ (169).

Jose Canseco Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Nevada

Jose Canseco Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Nevada

The Associated Press 

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Former Oakland Athletics Slugger Jose Canseco has filed for bankruptcy protection in Nevada.

The 1986 American League rookie of the year and 1988 league MVP with the A’s is seeking asset liquidation in Chapter 7 documents filed Tuesday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Las Vegas.

Canseco’s bankruptcy attorney, Mark Segal (SEE-gal) declined to comment Wednesday.

The bankruptcy petition says the 48-year-old Canseco lives in Las Vegas.

The filing was first reported by the Las Vegas Sun.

It lists less than $21,000 in assets and almost $1.7 million in liabilities, including more than $500,000 owed to the Internal Revenue Service.

Canseco hit 462 home runs during 16 years on eight major league teams.

He was a six-time All-Star and two-time World Series winner.

He later admitted using performance-enhancing drugs.