’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Third Basemen In The Game Right Now!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Third Basemen In The Game Right Now!!!

Yessir, it is back – FINALLY!!!

Kind of like ‘The Rock’ coming back to the WWE, I am bringing the ‘Top Ten Lists’ back to 30-Year Old Cardboard.

Let’s get right down to it…

I have had Hanley Ramirez on the brain for weeks now.  And while I fully understand why the Miami Marlins did what they did in regards to trading Hanley to the Dodgers, I think that the mission of finding a replacement third baseman for the club that can offer what Hanley brought to the team is going to be near-impossible.

So, that got me to thinking….  How does Hanley rank against the other third baseman in the sport today and who is the best at this highly coveted spot that is affectionitely known as ‘The Hot Corner’?

Now it is time to delve into that a bit more…

I had two rules for my list:

1. the player had to be active – so apologies go out to Evan Longoria and Alex Rodriguez as they surely would have made the list if they were not on the DL.

2. 3B had to be the player’s primary position.  So, while Miguel Cabrera, Michael Young, Mark Trumbo, Jose Bautista, and Edwin Encarnacion all saw time at third this year it was never their primary spot.

OK, the rules are out of the way.

Let’s do this!!!

Honorable Mention – Kevin Youkilis, Pedro Alvarez, Mike Moustakas, Chase Headley

10 – Will Middlebrooks – in 69 games, this rookie has collected 72 hits and has been hovering around the .300 mark.  He has 14 doubles, 13 home runs, 48 RBI, and has scored 32 runs.

9 – Brett Lawrie – in 100 games, Lawrie has 112 hits, and a .282 batting average.  He has 20 doubles, 3 triples, 9 home runs, and 40 RBI.

8 – Chipper Jones – He still gets it done, even in limiyted action.  In 68 games, Chipper has 76 hits while sporting a .316 batting average.  He has connected for 17 doubles and 10 home runs while driving in 47 runs and scoring 38.  He even has a SB this year!!

7 – Pablo Sandoval – Hobbled by injuries, Sandoval has played in just 62 games this year.  Still, he has connected for 70 hits.  His batting average is .299, and he has a very solid .352 on-base percentage. 

6 – Ryan Zimmerman – He has been heating up as of late which should help the Nats during the last 2 months of the season.  Zim has collected 102 hits in 92 games this year including 24 doubles and 15 home runs.  He has driven in 57 while scoring 63 times.

5 – Aramis Ramirez – Ramirez has quietly put together another solid campaign.  In 97 games he has collected 109 hits.  He has 36 doubles and 13 home runs.  He has driven in 67 runs and scored 59 times. 

4 – Hanley Ramirez – Hanley looks to be happier out in LA.  For the season, Hanley has collected 93 hits in 103 games.  He has 20 doubles, 3 triples, 15 home runs, and 16 stolen bases.  Time to get that batting average and on-base percentage up now…

3 – David Freese – He is playing like a veteran now!  In 97 games, he has 110 hits and a .309 batting average.   Freese has connected for 20 doubles and 15 home runes while scoring 51 times and driving in 61.  Freese has a very solid .376 on-base percentage.

2 – Adrian Beltre – Another remarkable season of consistency from Beltre.  He has 122 hits in 102 games played.  Beltre has connected for 21 doubles and 18 homers while driving in 61 runs and scoring another 59.  Beltre is batting .307.

1 – David Wright – In his 9th season, I believe that David Wright holds the tag of ‘Best 3B In The Game’.  Wright is batting .328 while getting 126 hits in 104 games.  His power numbers are solid as he has connected for 32 doubles and 16 home runs.  Wright has scored 67 runs and driven in 72.  Currently he is batting .328 (career high) and he has an on-base percentage of .424 (career high).  On top of that, he has stolen 12 bases.  He is on pace for a career-low in strikeouts as well.

And there you have it.  I am amazed that I would give a Mets player this kind of honor, but David Wright is a superb player and well deserving of the top-spot.

Disagree?  Let me hear it!

Did I omit anyone you would have on your list?  Let me hear it!

Have a great night!!!

5 responses to “’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Third Basemen In The Game Right Now!!!

  1. I kept scrolling down, waiting to be pissed that Dave wasn’t #1…but he was. So, I agree. I also think Zim moves up this list consistently from now until the end of the season. He has been incredible as of late.

  2. Pedro Alvarez should be ahead of Middlebrooks

  3. Brooks Robinson has said that Zimmerman is his favorite player. Because of that statement there I’d rank him #1. Zimmerman is totally underrated.

  4. 3B is Miguel Cabrera’s primary position. He’s played 104 of the Tigers’ first 107 games there, and he has exactly one inning played at another position all season. Evan Longoria has been injured, but he’s another elite 3B not on the list. A-Rod is better than Ramirez as well. I think the Marlins were smart to get rid of Hanley, and I’d rank him around #15 at the hot corner.

    • Ricky- Not sure what I was thinking with leaving Cabrera off my list. He is no doubt a better player than anyone on it. Sorry for the omission…

      If I did a ‘Top Ten Offensive Players In The Game Right Now’ he would certainly be there!

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