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GIVEAWAY TIME: ‘Celebrating Four Years Of 30-Year Old Cardboard’

GIVEAWAY TIME: ‘Celebrating Four Years Of 30-Year Old Cardboard’

Well, I have been celebrating the 4th birthday of ’30-YOC’ all day long.

And what better way to cap the day by offering up a few gifts to my loyal readers?

So, that is what I am going to do.

I have pulled four prizes, and you could be the winner of one of them!!

Simply leave me a comment on this post saying that you want in and you will be entered into the pool.  All entrants will be thrown into ‘The Randomizer’ and four winners will be chosen.  I will keep entires open until Saturday at midnight and will announce the four winners on Sunday morning.

Want to see the prizes?

I thought so.  Here they are:

Prize #1 – lot of 11 beautiful, modern Jim Palmer baseball cards

Prize #2 – lot of 4 John Smoltz rookie cards and Game-Used jersey card

Prize #3 – lot of 3 Barry Larkin rookie cards and Game-Used jersey card

Prize #4 – lot of Paul Molitor and Dennis Eckersely game-used jersey cards

Not a bad pool of prizes, huh?

If you want in, just leave me a comment and you’re in.

Again, I will announce the winners on Sunday morning.  Good Luck!!!

And ‘Thank You’ for reading 30-Year Old Cardboard for the last four years!!!

The Evolution Of My Collection – Part 13

The Evolution Of My Collection – Part 13

As I officially start the fifth year of ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ today, I thought it would be fun to look back at my very first post that showcased the collection from my youth – Evolution – Part 1.

I hope that you enjoyed reading that, I know that I got a few chills…

And now, some 1,460 days later, I sit here with a much larger collection.  And still it pales in comparison to the collection that I had when I was a kid collecting in his prime.

My focus on collecting is much sharper these days, and since I am not a set builder, my number of cards is nowhere near as grand as it once was.

And I am ok with that, after all, I am a loyal player and team collector.  Many of the players that I choose too honor were not part of ‘collecting boom’ that produced dozens of new cards annually and that allows me to build more concise and rare sets of cards.

Here is a snapshot of my current collection.

Each and every card that I own can be seen in this one picture.  And while my collection may be seen as miniscule or tiny by some, it is the memories that these pieces of cardboard deliver that makes it so special to me.

If you have been following my series of ‘Evolution’ posts along, you can see that I am still very organized with how I store my cards.  Each card is sorted by player, then by year, then by brand.  All singles are loaded into top-loaders, and all doubles are held in penny sleeves.  The lone exception to this rule is my Florida/Miami Marlins team sets – these are all stored in that Grey album.  The cards in the album are held in 9-pocket pages, and they are also organized by year and brand.

Oh, and that little stack of cards you see on top of the album…  Those are my new player collections.  I need to grab another box to start housing them – hopefully I can make a trip to the lone local card shop left in my area soon.

And there you have it – from Day 1 to Day 1,460!!!

Thanks for reading.



Just taking a few minutes to acknowledge that this is officially post #7,000 on ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.





And now back to your regularly scheduled program.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY To ’30-Year Old Cardboard’!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY To ’30-Year Old Cardboard’!!!!!

That’s right, the blog turns four years old today.  And it has been one hell of a ride. 

Four years ago today, I took the plunge and created this side project that was originally designed to keep my re-entry into the hobby of baseball card collecting on track.  I had been reading other blogs for 2-3 months and finally decided to get into the game as well.  I wish that more of the guys that were writing back then were still around – afterall, it was them that motivated me to create ’30-YOC’.

And now, four years later, I am loving this sport and this hobby more than ever before.

Over the last four years I have enjoyed collecting baseball cards of and honoring the players that helped formed my love of the sport during my youth.  Guys like Andre Dawson, Tony Gwynn, Dale Murphy, Greg Maddux, Wade Boggs, and many more – these are the guys that I loved watching play as a kid and I truly enjoy that they are still included in baseball card sets that are issued today.

I have made a lot of friends as a result of the creation of this blog.  And in the baseball card world, friends equals trading partners.  And of all of the amazing memories that I have of collecting cards as a kid, trading with my buddies was one of the most memorable.  It is nice to re-capture that feeling now even if my trading partners live in Missouri, Arizona, Maryland, South Dakota, New York, etc.

So, Happy Birthday to ’30-YOC’!

It has been a great four years, and I continue to look forward to what lies ahead for myself as a collector and for this blog and its great readers.

Thank you all for reading!!   Time to blow out some candles!!


Happy Anniversary, Wrigley Field!!

Happy Anniversary, Wrigley Field!!

Today marks the 24th anniversary of the first night game at Wrigley Field.  On 8/8/88, the Cubs hosted the Mets in this historical game.

And although this contest didn’t last 3 innings due to rain, it was the first time in franchise history that the Cubs turned on the lights and hosted a night game.  If you want to be picky, the first official complete game at Wrigley Field was the next night on 8/9/88, but the 8/8/88 sounds so much cooler…

I am a native Floridian, but I lived in Chicago for 5 years.  I moved there in 1988 when I was 13, and moved back to sunny Florida after gradutaing high school.  Over the first 4 months of the 1988 season I became a Chicago Cubs fan.  It was sweet to come home from school and get to watch baseball.  While other kids were glued to Charles In Charge or Full House, I was enjoying the Cubs.

I thought it would be cool to reflect on what their line-up looked like 24 years ago today.

For the Cubs: Catcher – Damon Berryhill; 1st Base – Mark Grace; 2nd Base – Ryne Sandberg; SS – Shawon Dunston; 3rd Base – Vance Law; OF – Rafael Palmerio, Dave Martinez, and Andre Dawson; SP – Greg Maddux, Rick Sutcliffe,Jamie Moyer, and Calvin Schiraldi.

That’s not too bad of a line-up.  2 current HOF players in Dawson and Sandberg and an obvious 1st ballot player with Maddux.  And 1 of the best hitters of the 90’s in Grace.

For the Mets: Catcher – Gary Carter; 1st Base – Keith Hernandez; 2nd Base – Wally Backman; SS – Kevin Elster; 3rd Base – Howard Johnson; OF – Darryl Strawberry; Lenny Dykstra, and Kevin McReynold; SP – Dwight Gooden, David Cone, Ron Darling, and Sid Fernandz.

This group is a little more rag-tag with the exception of HOF’er Gary Carter.  There must be something in the water in NY because none of these guys did extremely well after leaving the Mets(possibly excluding Dykstra and Cone) and several of them went down the tubes quickly.