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Mike Schmidt 2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Game-Used Jersey Card

Mike Schmidt 2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Game-Used Jersey Card

I know that I am supposed to be focusing on grabbing all of the major brand cards from Schmidt’s playing days, but I could not resist picking up this card.

Have a look:

She’s a stunner!!

For me, this card is a piece of art.  The colors are magnificent.  And the portrait of Schmidt is reminiscent of what I remember when I was a kid.

Normally, I find cards from the Goodwin Champions set to be terrible.  This is certainly an exception!!!

Thanks for reading.

Fergie Jenkins 2005 Topps Pristine – ‘The Legendary Years’

Fergie Jenkins 2005 Topps Pristine – ‘The Legendary Years’

You may recall that I recently scooped up this very same baseball card with Fergie’s autograph on it.

In case you missed it, or if you just want to look at it again, you can click here.

In that post I stated that I had never seen that card of Fergie before.  So, I immediately started my search.  And I found one on www.checkoutmycards.com and now it is home with me and in my Fergie Jenkins collection.

And that makes this collector very, very happy!

Rod Carew 1982 Donruss

Rod Carew 1982 Donruss

1982 was Donruss’ second year in the baseball card making business.

And while their 1982 issue was certainly not their best, it is a great improvement from their debut set issued one year earlier in 1981.

The design flows well.  The colors are vivid.  And the graphics have a fitting baseball theme.

But, they still had some issues with photo selection.  And cropping too…

One of those examples is the Rod Carew card.

Have a look:

If this card featured the same image but not nearly as zoomed in, it would be a HOME RUN!!!!

Instead, I will give it a double…  🙂

Did You Know…

Going into the 2012 baseball season, the player with the most stolen bases since the 2000 baseball season is Juan Pierre.  Pierre had amassed 527 stolen bases since 2000, one hundred more than the player in second place, Carl Crawford.

Happy Anniversary Harmon Killebrew!!!

Happy Anniversary Harmon Killebrew!!!

On this day in 1971 Harmon Killebrew crushed the 500th home run of his big league career.

Amazingly, Killebrew seemed to get better with age as he collected more home runs in the second half of his career than he did in the first half. 

In 22 years, the Hall of Famer hit 573 round-trippers.  He currently sits in 11th place on the all-time list.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Killebrew!!!

Reader Ron Sends Over 11 Cards For My New Player Collections!!!

Reader Ron Sends Over 11 Cards For My New Player Collections!!!

Ron has been a loyal ’30-YOC’ follower for some time now.  We have exchanged emails, blog comments, and baseball cards for a solid 12+ months.

His collection is extensive, and we both have a passion for the stars of the 1970 and 1980s.

Ron is a fan of many teams, and he gets each and every Twins and Pirates card that I pull.  I, in turn, get some much needed help for my player collections.

I recently got a nice package of cards from Ron.  And in that package, there were 11 cards that filled holes in some of the new PC’s that I am working on.

Here is the haul:

There was quite a bit more in the package that he sent, and I will show those off at a later time.

But in these 11 cards, I get 1 Eric Davis, 1 Alan Trammell, 3 Mike Schmidt, and 6 Dave Parker cards that can all scratch off needs on my wantlists!

Thank You, Ron!!!