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We Interrupt This Program To Bring You A 2013 Topps Preview!!!

We Interrupt This Program To Bring You A 2013 Topps Preview!!!

Sure, as soon as I get back into the swing of things with my Sunday evening ‘Top Ten Lists’ I get hit with some breaking news and images from the 2013 Topps base set release.

So, please forgive me and give me another chance next week to entertain you with my next ‘Top Ten’ edition, and in the meantime, check out this news about the 2013 Topps release as well as some preview images.

This information comes courtesy of Chris Olds, Beckett’s Baseball Editor:

Topps unveiled the first look at the 2013 edition of its flagship baseball card set on Friday, and it’s one that just might excite collectors of the longest-running MLB brand.

And it just might excite fans of “the chase,” too.

The chase this year is the chase of history — the pennant, the record books and more in MLB history — while the company says it will offer more to chase in its flagship product, too, which in its 61st year of full-size release.

Every 36-pack hobby box will contain one autograph or Relic card, while every HTA Jumbo box will contain three — one auto and two Relics — when it arrives on Jan. 25.

The base set will consist of 330 cards each with Gold parallels limited to 2,013 copies and Black parallels limited to 62. New this year will be Pink parallels limited to 50 (a nod to the popular Breast Cancer Awareness cards in football) and Desert Camo foil parallels (a nod to the military) limited to 99. Rounding out the offerings will be Emerald foil (1:6), Platinum 1/1s, hobby-only printing plates and a partial-parallel set of silks (100 players, limited to 50).

The metallic manufactured Relics will return in a new form for 2013 with MVP and Cy Young award winner cards as well as Proven Mettle Coin Cards. Each has an embedded piece of metal with an appropriate design for the award or a coin-like finish. They will be found one per Jumbo box or one per case in hobby. The Proven Mettle cards will have three parallels — Copper (/99), Wrought Iron (/50) and Steel (/10).

The autograph lineup is a bit deeper this year with a mix of modern, retro and diecut designs. Chasing History will note 30 or more achievers from the past and present, while the Chasing the Dream set will showcase 20-plus potential superstars in the making. The Cut to the Chase cards will showcase just five notable players on signed diecut cards limited to just 10 copies apiece, while Chasing History 1/1 cuts will highlight notable players and others in history.

The Greats autograph cards will highlight 15 players via on-card sigs and will only be found in Hobby and HTA packs, while the Calling Cards set will be even smaller with just five. Speaking of small, the 1972 Topps baseball design will be found in Mini form in packs with 10 players signing minis that will be limited to just 10 copies.

Autographed Relics will only be found in Hobby and HTA packs with auto-mem versions of the Chasing History, Chasing the Dream and Cut to the Chase sets, while The Greats, Calling Cards and World Series Champions also will be represented. Each of these will be limited to 50 or less with the World Series most plentiful and three of the sets limited to as few as five cards per player.

The Relic lineup will follow that of the aforementioned signatures — Chasing History, Chasing the Dream, Cut to the CHase, TheGreats, Calling Cards, 1972 Topps Minis, World Series Champions all will have Relic versions. Four of those sets will be limited to just 25 copies while the World Series Relics will be limited to 100 and the first two sets mentioned will not be numbered.

In the Name Relics will utilize full letters from MLB All-Stars’ warmup jerseys. These 1/1s will only be found in Hobby and HTA packs.

The biggest memorabilia addition to Topps, though, are 30 1/1 Ultimate Chase Autograph Relics — a mix of cuts, booklets and jumbo patches  all with autographs. Look for bat knobs, patches and more for the likes of Babe Ruth, Roberto Clemente, Nolan Ryan and Stan Musial among others.

Lastly, the insert card lineup will be comprised of unsigned/non-memorabilia versions of six sets mentioned above — Chasing History (50 cards), Chasing the Dream (25), Cut to the Chase (25), The Greats (30), Calling Cards (15)and 1972 Minis (50). The Greats will be a Hobby-exclusive with a Gold parallel version limited to just 99 copies. That set will include Ernie Banks, Johnny Bench, Roberto Clemente, Ken Griffey Jr., Rickey Henderson, Derek Jeter, Willie Mays, Alex Rodriguez and Mike Schmidt.

Players already committed to have autographs in the product, according to the preliminary checklist, are Griffey, Mays, Reggie Jackson, Stan Musial, Ryan, Henderson, Evan Longoria, Don Mattingly, Trevor Bauer, Gary Carter (stickers), Brett Lawrie, Buster Posey, Giancarlo Stanton, Frank Thomas, Mike Moustakas, David Price, Jose Bautista, Cal Ripken Jr. and Mike Schmidt to name a few.

For player-used Relics, expect to find Yoenis Cespedes, Yu Darvish, Prince Fielder, Griffey, Bryce Harper, Josh Hamilton, Musial, Ripken, Ryan, Stephen Strasburg, Mike Trout, Justin Verlander, Derek Jeter and many others.

And now a few images to whet your appetite:



*** And a HUGE ‘Hat-Tip’ to loyal ’30-YOC’ reader Matt for providing me with this information – Thanks Bud!!

Dave Winfield 2012 Topps Golden Moments – “Still Streakin”

Dave Winfield 2012 Topps Golden Moments – “Still Streakin”

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – I love collecting baseball cards of Dave Winfield!!

I just have my preferences – and I prefer to have Winfield in his Padres or Yankees uniforms as much as I can.

Yes, I respect what he accomplished while playing for the Twins and Blue Jays, but I truly embrace his time with the Padres and Yankees.

I was very excited to see that he was featured in the 2012 Topps Golden Moments subset.  And even more excited when I saw that he was sporting his Yankees uniform.

Take a peek:


The card is titled as ‘Still Streakin’ and it pays tribute to Winfield’s first walk-off home run as a member of the Yankees on May 16, 1984.  The blast gave the Yankees the win, and extended their winning streak to four straight games.

Florida Marlins 1996 Donruss Team Set

Florida Marlins 1996 Donruss Team Set

It’s amazing how this team set looks nothing like the team of players that would go on to win the World Series title just one season later.

Yes, some of the pieces were in place, but not enough to truly remind me of ‘my team’ that won the championship just one season later.

Here is the set:

Kind of funny, but Andre Dawson’s card looks a lot more like that of a coach than a player.  1996 was Dawson’s final season in the majors, and he played in 42 games that year.  The least that Donruss could have done was give us one final card showing Dawson at the plate or in the field.

It does have me wonder what kind of coach Andre could be.  He has stated publicly that he has no intention of becoming a manager – but I know one thing:  He would not accept any of the crap that some of today’s ‘stars’ bring to the game.

Go Get ‘Em Hawk!!!

Jim Abbott 1992 Score

Jim Abbott 1992 Score

In my opinion, Score gave us some great looking baseball cards in the early years of their existence.  Their 1988 and 1989 issues are some of my favorite from the decade.

This card of Jim Abbott is from their 1992 release. 

Take a look:


I like the look of the card.  I like that there are minimal graphics.  And I love the oversized image!

My lone issue is the very bland chunk of dead-space that covers most of the right-side of the card.  I really don’t know what Score was trying to do here – maybe a 3-D effect? – but ultimately they took away from too much of the great images and did not give us back something that is equal or better…


Happy Birthday Bobby Richardson!!!

Happy Birthday Bobby Richardson!!!

Bobby Richardson turns 77 years old today.

The MVP of the 1960 World Series, Richardson’s role in that championship match-up of his Yankees and the Pittsburgh Pirates was vital.  In that 7-game series, Richardson hit .367 as he collected 11 hits in 30 at-bats.  He also scored 8 runs, hit a homer, and drove in 12.  Stuff that legends are made of, right there!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Richardson.

Adam Dunn Launches Career Home Run #400

Adam Dunn Launches Career Home Run #400

By Matthew Pouliot, Hardball Talk, NBC Sports

Adam Dunn took Royals reliever Tim Collins deep in the eighth inning Saturday for his 400th career home run.

He also reclaimed the major league lead with his 35th homer of the year after Josh Hamilton caught him at 34 Wednesday.

Dunn became just the eighth player to hit 400 homers in his first 12 seasons in the majors, joining Albert Pujols, Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Eddie Mathews, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle and Frank Robinson. He has the 14th most homers through age 32, and he figures to pass both Juan Gonzalez and Willie Mays on that list before the season ends.

Of course, given his low batting average and his lack of defensive value, Dunn has quite a ways to go before he’ll be worthy of any Hall of Fame consideration. Still, his bounce-back season has at least put him back on the map as far as that is concerned. With so many factors working against him, he’ll probably have to get to 600 homers in his career in order to have a shot.


Andre Dawson 2004 Leaf Limited ‘Lumberjacks’ Certified Autograph With Inscription

Andre Dawson 2004 Leaf Limited ‘Lumberjacks’ Certified Autograph With Inscription

Sticking with the ‘lumber’ theme for one more card, this card is from the 2004 Leaf Limited set called ‘Lumberjacks’.

The set features some of the best sluggers in the game, and I was happy to see that my favorite player, Mr. Andre Dawson, was included with the gang.

The card features Dawson wearing his Powder-Blue Expos uniform, and the card has a unique graphic element to it with the picture of the trees that set to the right of Andre.

The best part about the card?  The great autograph, of course!! And the inscription of Andre’s jersey number certainly adds a bit more to it as well.

This card is serial numbered as 80/100 and it makes a great addition to my collection of certified Dawson autographs.

Have a look: