The Players & Their Picks For The ‘NL West Supremacy Contest’

The Players & Their Picks For The ‘NL West Supremacy Contest’

Alright everyone, the Giants and Dodgers square off tonight as they prepare to battle each other for 3 games with the lead in the National League West on the line.

There will be a lot of strikeouts that transpire over the next three days, and we have twenty people who think they have properly identified the total number of K’s that will occur in this match-up.

Here is a look at the contest entrants:

Player # Of K’s
Hackenbush 36
Rob 39
Chunter 40
Chuck 41
cardfreak 43
Adam 44
Jamie B 45
Charley 46
Chris 47
Charles B 48
Marcus 49
Sanjosefuji 50
Martin 51
Ron C 52
Nick 54
Stealing Home 55
Jeff 56
Shane K 57
Matt W 58

And don’t forget, the player that comes the closest, without going over; to the actual number of strikeouts in this 3-game series will win these cards:

Enjoy the games everyone.  I’ll see you on Thursday morning when I announce the winner.


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