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1993 Leaf Florida Marlins Team Set

1993 Leaf Florida Marlins Team Set

These cards from the Leaf set in 1993 look fantastic.  That Teal lower-right hand corner works very well with the Marlins team colors, and Leaf did a great job in selecting the photos for these cards – Almost every Marlins is sporting Teal!!

Have a look at the full set:

Of the four sets that I have scored so far that were issued in the debut season of the Marlins (1993), this one may be my favorite.

The cardstock is solid.  The finish is nice and glossy.  And the image selections are nice and action-packed!!

Eric Davis 1989 Score

Eric Davis 1989 Score

If I had to put money on it, I would say that Eric Davis just connected for one in Shea Stadium. 

Davis hit 34 home runs during the 1989 baseball season, but since this picture had to be taken prior to the start of the ’89 campaign, I guess that I will not knw for sure…

Still, it looks like a homer!!!

Mike Schmidt 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen – Base

Mike Schmidt 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen – Base

As a former Florida Marlins and current Miami Marlins fan, I find it hard to really ‘like’ anyone on the Phillies.

Sure, I really enjoy watching Roy Halladay pitch.  But beyond that, I have been trained to dislike the team that has been the most consistent squad in the Marlins division for the last ten years.

But, that doesn’t mean that I cannot like players from the past.  Especially when that past was a time when the Marlins did not exist.

On the top of that list is Michael Jack Schmidt. 

And any, and I mean ANY, time that I see a card of Mike Schmidt that looks as nice as this one, I am going to pounce.

Have a look:

I told ya!!

Time To Announce The Contest Winner – ‘NL West Supremacy Contest’

Time To Announce The Contest Winner – ‘NL West Supremacy Contest’

Well, the 3-game series between the Giants and Dodgers is over.  And I have to think that the Dodgers and Dodgers fans are very happy about that…

The race for the division was a lot closer three days ago than it is now.  And the Giants worked their tails off and have now been rewarded with a 2.5 game lead.

As for strikeouts, there were plenty – 53 in total!!!

And amazingly, there was only one number between 43 and 58 that was not selected – you guessed it, 53!

So, the winner of my ‘NL West Supremacy Contest’ is Ron Churchwell who selected 52 strikeouts.  His guess is the closest to the actual tally 53, and he did not go ‘over’.

Congratulations Ron!

Here is one more look at the prize:


Thanks to everyone that played.  I will have another contest or giveaway ready to go in a few weeks.

Have a great day!!!

1992 HEADLINE: Dennis Eckeersley Becomes First Closer With 40 Saves In 4 Straight Seasons

1992 HEADLINE: Dennis Eckeersley Becomes First Closer With 40 Saves In 4 Straight Seasons

On this day in 1992, Dennis Eckersley recorded his 40th save of the 1992 baseball season.

And while there was nothing extra-special about this particular game or the circumstance of the save, ‘Eck’ made history with this closing appearance.  This save gave Eckersley 40 or more saves in four different seasons – a major league record!!

The first player to ever accomplish this feat, ‘Eck’ tallied 45 saves in 1988, 48 in 1990, 43 in 1991, and 52 in 1992.  And with 33 saves during the 1989 season, Eckersley capped that 5-year span with 221 total saves.

Truly dominant and a great competitor.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Eckersley!!!

Doug Hooks Up Me & My Player Collections!!!

Doug Hooks Up Me & My Player Collections!!!

I love trading baseball cards.  It was one of my most favorite things to do as a kid and I still enjoy it today.  Sadly, I get to do it too often because I rarely have cards in my collection that I am not actively collecting.

That did change for a little while when the 2012 Topps Archives brand was released.  I love the set, and I busted a few retail boxes of them.

In the boxes, I scored a lot of Detroit Tigers cards so I offered them up to a blogging pal of mine, Doug.  Doug collects the Tigers and I knew that he would enjoy them.

After getting my cards, he started working on his ‘Thank You’ package and the cards he sent are perfectly geared towards my new player collections.

Doug’s generous contributions filled quite a few holes in my PC’s, and now they have been logged and scanned – and now I am ready to show them off too…

Here is the haul:

Thank you for the great cards Doug.  I am already working on my next stack of Tigers to send your way!!!


Signing Results: 1978 National League MVP, Mr. Dave Parker!!!

Signing Results: 1978 National League MVP, Mr. Dave Parker!!!

I decided to take part in this signing well before announcing that I would be attempting to collect each and every Dave Parker baseball card issued during his time with the Pirates.

I had been an admirer of what Parker did on the field prior to the announcement that I read about the signing.  But for the price, I could not resist adding another signed ball to my collection.

Did my decision of going after this autograph influence my decision to collect his cards?  Um, possibly.  But it certainly did make him a candidate!!

The signing was conducted perfectly and the ball has now been returned back to me.

And now it is my time to show it off to you.

Have a look:

Perfectly signed right on the sweet spot.  And I got the inscription that I was seeking too.  I am very happy with the results of this signing and I am looking forward to going after more signed balls in the coming months.

Oh, just a quick shout out to Chris Potter Sports.  Potter is who conducted the signing, and he always has more on the horizon.  His pricing is usually very, very good – and he has a solid reputation amongst collectors.  Thank you Chris Potter Sports!!

And Thank You Mr. Parker!!!

Me & ‘Crazy Eddie’

Me & ‘Crazy Eddie’

We all had that one friend when we were younger.  He was the one that your parents really wish that you didn’t hang out with so much.  They kind of winced when his name was mentioned.

For me, that friend was ‘Crazy Eddie’.

Of course, ‘Crazy Eddie’ was not the name on his birth certificate – it was Edgar.  But I grew up knowing him as ‘Crazy Eddie’ and I never really questioned why or how he earned that moniker.

But, it certainly could have been for his antics.

And while they were never mean-spirited, they were certainly a bit on the reckless side.

‘Crazy Eddie’ is the guy that taught me how to burn ants with a magnifying glass.

He was the only kid I knew that could successfully shove all 36 sticks of gum from a box of Topps baseball cards into his mouth at one time and not gag or have to spit them all out.

‘Crazy Eddie’ is the first person that I ever ‘toilet-papered’ a house with.  He is also the first person that I ever pulled down all of the toilet paper with due to us being caught.

I remember one time when he convinced me to ride my bike right into the neighborhood pool in our subdivision.  He reasoned that it was raining outside and that ‘you can only get so wet’….

And then there was the time that he took me to Old Man Davis’ place with the goal of lighting a paper bag filled with dog poop on fire.  He was convinced that we were fast enough to place the bag of doggie-poo on Old Man Davis’ front doorstep, light it on fire, run across the street, jump into the bushes and enjoy the show.  Well, when I tell you that we chuckled and giggled during the long walk to Old Man Davis’ place – we really had trouble controlling ourselves as we got closer.  He told me that he would take the lead and that I just needed to watch for lights turning on both in Old Man Davis’ house and on both sides too.

True to his word, ‘Crazy Eddie’ did most of the work as I played ‘sentry’.  He placed the bag of doggie-doo right in front of Old Man Davis’ door.  He bent down and lit the top of the bag on fire.  As soon as it caught fire, he quickly pressed his index finger into the doorbell and bolted off of the doorstep.

That is when I snapped this picture:


This is my submission into Round 3 of the contest being held at ‘Nachos Grande’.  I hope I entertained you.  If so, please consider voting for me in this contest; voting should begin sometime on Friday and I would really appreciate your vote.

Thank you!