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2008 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set – This One Makes Me Sad….

2008 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set – This One Makes Me Sad….

I love the cards, but looking at this set of cards does make me a little sad.

Issued just 4 years ago, there is just one member of this team set still with the club – JUST ONE!!!

And for as much as I love my Marlins, it is so frustrating to know that there is no ‘homegrown’ veteran leadership on the team.  And that appears to be what is required to win – just look at the Yankees, Rangers, Rays, Dodgers, etc.

Here is the set:

But hey, we still have Ricky Nolasco!!!

**And while showcasing the 2008 Topps team set, I cannot go without talking for a minute about UncleMoe and his amazing journey.  If you don’t know it, he is attempting to getthe entire 2008 Topps set autographed.  Yes, the full set – not just a handful of cards and not just a team set – THE WHOLE THING!!!  And he is doing a fantastic job, 400+ have already been signed.  Keep it up Moe!!

Darryl Strawberry 2012 Topps Archives – 1980 Topps Design

Darryl Strawberry 2012 Topps Archives – 1980 Topps Design

Topps did it again.  They have produced magic!!!

Have a look:

As you see, this card is of Darryl Strawberry and the 1980 Topps baseball card design.

Sure, Darryl did not play in 1980; he made his debut with the Mets in 1983.

But, he was drafted in 1980 by the Mets.  He was the number one draft pick, right out of high school, and just 18 years old!!

Great card by Topps – and they paired him up with the perfect ‘Archive’ design.

Brooks Robinson 2011 Topps Triple Threads – Base

Brooks Robinson 2011 Topps Triple Threads – Base

I really like these Topps Triple Threads baseball cards; even if they are a bit harder to store than some of the other cards that Topps produces.

And for some reason, I find the Orioles cards from this set to be among the best – at least for the Red colored versions that are serial numbered up to 1,500.

I already have the Eddie Murray in my collection, and when I saw this one of Brooks Robinson, I had to grab it too.

Have a look:

This one is serial numbered as #987.  And while Red is not an official color of the Baltimore Orioles, I happen to think it is a fine complimentary color when used on this card.


Rod Carew 1979 Topps – 1978 Batting League Leaders

Rod Carew 1979 Topps – 1978 Batting League Leaders

Rod Carew dominated American League pitching in the mid-to-late 1970’s.

Carew won seven batting titles during his playing days; 6 of which came during the 70’s.

This card from the 1979 Topps baseball card set pays homage to the batting champions from the 1978 baseball season.

Rod Carew and Dave Parker were the batting champs in 1978.  Carew hit .333 and Parker edged him out by 1/1000 by hitting .334.

Did You Know…

There are four players in major league history that have 10 or more letters in their last names that and have connected for at least 40 home runs in a single season.

They are:
Roy Campanella
Ted Kluzewski
Rico Petrocelli
Carl Yastrezemski