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Fergie Jenkins 2003 Donruss Studio ‘Enshrinement’

Fergie Jenkins 2003 Donruss Studio ‘Enshrinement’

I love cards that pay homage to individual and team achievements – you should know that by now…

And when it comes to paying honor to a player’s enshrinement into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, there is nothing better for a baseball card theme.

This set of cards, from the 2003 Donruss Studio subset tagged as ‘Enshrinement’, is superb.

I am so happy that Fergie Jenkins was included in this set of cards.

Because, now I can proudly boast that this beauty is mine!!!

Oh, and it is serial numbered to just 447/750.

Tony Gwynn 2012 Topps Archives – 1982 ‘In Action’ Design

Tony Gwynn 2012 Topps Archives – 1982 ‘In Action’ Design

All card collectors know 1983 as Tony Gwynn’s rookie season.  He had three rookie cards issued by the top card companies in 1983 – Fleer, Donruss, and the ever-popular 1983 Topps.

But, Gwynn played in 1982.  He actually appeared in a decent amount of games for the Padres that year – 54 to be exact.

And as a 22-year old rookie, he did fairly well.  He hit .289 in those 54 contests and he collected the first 55 hits of his baseball career in that part-time season.

This card is from the 2012 Topps Archives set, and it features the 1982 Topps ‘In Action’ design.

Have a look:

I love the ‘In Action’ series from the 1982 Topps set.  And this one does not fail at all.  I just with that the photo was of a younger Tony Gwynn so it reminded me of the beginning of his playing days in the majors…

Dave Parker 1983 Topps

Dave Parker 1983 Topps

The 1983 Topps baseball card design is one of the most loved issues of the decades.  Fans of both vintage and modern issue cards seem to agree more than not that the Topps release in 1983 is a classic.

I, for one, have always been a big fan of this card design.  The cards offered two images, both an action and cameo, and the sharpness of most of the images is a great improvement over prior Topps releases.

This card of Dave Parker from the 1983 Topps set does not disappoint.

Check it out:


According to the records that I was able to uncover, Dave Parker made $775,000 during the 1983 baseball season.

But that is definitely a ‘Million Dollar Smile’ on his 1983 Topps baseball card.


Alan Trammell 1981 Topps

Alan Trammell 1981 Topps

Alan Trammell was in his fifth major league season in 1981 – and he was just 23 years old.

A phenomenal talent, Trammell had solidified himself in the Tigers everyday player. 

My favorite stat from Trammell’s 1981 season?


Yes, 31.  In 463 plate appearances, Trammell struck out just 31 times.  Talk about having a ‘Good Eye’!!!