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Frank Robinson’s Lone Gold Glove Winning Season…

Frank Robinson’s Lone Gold Glove Winning Season…

I am not sure how the voting for the Gold Glove Award was handled back during Robinson’s era, but for today’s game, there seems to be quiet a bit of political play occurring.

For the most part, today the award is hardly given to the league’s best defenders.  Instead, it seems like the award is used to keep stars in the spotlight.

Frank Robinson won his only Gold Glove Award in 1958.  In 138 games that year, Robinson spent time in left field, center field, and even third base.  In total, he committed just five errors while amassing a fielding percentage of .991.

The other two National League winners from the outfield in 1958?  Hank Aaron & Willie Mays.  Solid company right there!!!

Frank Robinson Is A 12-Time All-Star

Frank Robinson Is A 12-Time All-Star

When you consider that Frank Robinson played during an era that featured some of the greatest outfielders in the history of the game, it is an amazing feat that he made the All-Star team twelve times.

It’s a true compliment too!!

During those All-Star Games, Robinson shared space in the outfield with Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Reggie Jackson, Carl Yastrezemski, Willie Stargell, Al Kaline, and Roberto Clemente.

Frank Robinson & The 1956 Rookie Of The Year Award

Frank Robinson & The 1956 Rookie Of The Year Award

I enjoy celebrating the Rookie of the Year Award because I like to see a young guy play and act like a veteran on the field.  Typically reserved for the more well-rounded player, the award does not always lead to an award filled career, but it does indicate that for a young player, the stats compiled are well above the competition.

And in 1956, Frank Robinson did not disappoint.

Winning the award unanimously by capturing all 24 votes, Robinson put up some very solid numbers during the 1956 baseball season.  Robinson collected 166 hits en route to a .290 batting average.  Of his 166 hits, 27 were doubles, 8 were triples, and 38 were home runs.  He also contributed 83 RBI while scoring 122 runs.

A heck of a way to start a career in the major leagues if you ask me…

Happy Birthday Frank Robinson!!!

Happy Birthday Frank Robinson!!!

Frank Robinson turns 75 years old today.

Still one of the most underrated players of all-time, Frank Robinson compiled a career of accomplishments that are on par with the game’s greatest offensive players of all-time.

And what better way to celebrate one of your favorite baseball legend’s birthday than to honor him with a full day of posts to help celebrate his fantastic career and birthday.

So, all day long, this day is for Hall of Famer, Mr. Frank Robinson.

Happy Birthday!!!

Andre Dawson 2002 Upper Deck Vintage Special Collection – Game Used Pants

Andre Dawson 2002 Upper Deck Vintage Special Collection – Game Used Pants

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you one of the latest and most Cubs-themed Andre Dawson relic cards in my collection.

It comes from the 2002 Upper Deck Vintage brand, and it is part of their ‘Special Collection’ release.

Have a look:

Now  I have seen some team themed baseball cards in the past, but the Red, White, and Blue colors of this card scream Chicago Cubs!!!!

It is fa from overdone, in fact it is ‘just right’ in this collector’s eyes!


Jim Palmer 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces – Black Framed Variation

Jim Palmer 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces – Black Framed Variation

A very, very cool compliment to the base card of ‘Cakes’ that I already owned.

Have a peek:

Man, I love this set of cards.  I really wish that Andre Dawson and Fergie Jenkins had been included in at least one set…


Eric Davis 1987 Donruss Opening Day

Eric Davis 1987 Donruss Opening Day

I love these old ‘Opening Day’ sets.  I collected the Donruss one pretty hard-core back in ’87 as any newly released, easy to find issue was a welcome addition to my collection.

This is the card that features Reds outfielder Eric Davis.

How did ‘Eric The Red’ fare on Opening Day in 1987??

He was a monster:  3-for-3 with two singles and a home run.  He stole two bases, scored three runs, and drove in two.  And the Reds WON!!!

Did You Know…

Babe Ruth led all sluggers in home runs during the 1920’s.  In that decade, Ruth connected for 467 round-trippers, 265 more than any other player.


Happy Birthday Ted Williams!!

Happy Birthday Ted Williams!!

Today is Ted Williams’ birthday.

Arguably the greatest hitter of all-time, any player that collects multiple batting titles or maintains an average close to .350 for a lengthy time is compared to Williams.

Williams is the standard for hitting greatness – yet nobody has come close to eclipsing what he has done in the sport of baseball.  A lifetime, .344 hitter, Williams captured six batting titles during his playing days, and amazing had seven seasons in which he finished with a .350 batting average or better.

Williams was a 17-time All-Star, and a 2-time MVP winner for the Boston Red Sox.

And while he did not make a splash during World Series play, Ted Williams was the rare kind of player that was able to take center-stage while not playing on it.

Happy Birthday to ‘The Splendid Splinter’!!

Hank Aaron Voices His Position on PEDs In Major League Baseball

Hank Aaron Voices His Position on PEDs In Major League Baseball

By Ryan Kartje,

MILWAUKEE — Henry Aaron can see the progress commissioner Bud Selig has made with his comprehensive testing programs to rid the game of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). But Aaron, at a benefit for his Chasing the Dream Foundation on Wednesday, said that he believes the punishment for such violations in today’s game should be much more severe than it is currently.
“I think in some ways, I think the commissioner has cleaned up the act in some ways,” Aaron said. “I’m a little bit disturbed about some of the things that are happening now in baseball. I see a few players, even in the minor leagues, getting involved and some steroids. How are we going to fix this? What’s going to happen?”
Just recently, NL batting leader and Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera and Oakland pitcher Bartolo Colon were suspended 50 games for failed tests in relation to PED use.
But in answering a question from a fan about the steroid era, Aaron lobbied for a more intense suspension for steroid offenders.
“I think it’s got to be a little bit more severe as far as penalties are concerned,” Aaron said. “I think 50 games is not enough. I’d like to see 100 games really. I think the second time, they need to just ban the player from baseball.”
Aaron’s answer sent the crowd into a standing ovation.
With 755 career home runs, Aaron returned to Milwaukee — the birthplace of his illustrious baseball career — for his 9th annual “Evening With Hank Aaron,” a benefit to raise money for his Chasing the Dream Foundation.
Aaron even offered his opinion on his former town’s team, as he’s gotten a few chances to watch this year’s Brewers. He said that the team has just had a tough season all-around in Milwaukee.
“It’s just baseball,” Aaron said. “They’ve got a lot of young kids, and I think they’re going to do just fine. You just have to give them a chance.”