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1993 HEADLINE – Jim Abbott Hurls No-Hitter For Yankees!!

1993 HEADLINE – Jim Abbott Hurls No-Hitter For Yankees!!

On this day in 1993, Jim Abbott pitched a no-hitter for the New York Yankees.

All major league starting pitchers have the talent to throw a no-hitter.  Yet of all of the guys that I have seen, watched, or read about tossing a ‘No-No’, Jim Abbott’s performance back in 1993 was astonishing to me and remains a bold memory for me 17 years later.

In that game, Abbott was awesome.  In front of 27,000 fans at Yankee Stadium, Abbott’s Yankees team took on the Cleveland Indians.  The Indians roster was stacked with talented hitters like Kenny Lofton, Albert Belle, Manny Ramirez, and Jim Thome.  Having to battle and overcoming these incredibly talented hitters makes Abbott’s no-hitter more remarkable…

While putting in 9 innings of work, Abbott threw 119 pitches.  And while walking 5 batters and striking out just 3 men through the game, it was Abbott’s competitive nature that helped him through the game which led his team to victory and him into baseball’s record books!!!

Congratulations Jim Abbott!!!

1985 HEADLINE – Carter Becomes 11th Player To Hit 5 Home Runs In 2 Consecutive Games

1985 HEADLINE – Carter Becomes 11th Player To Hit 5 Home Runs In 2 Consecutive Games

On this day in 1985, Gary Carter became just the 11th player in major league history to crush 5 home runs over the course of 2 consecutive games.

An amazing feat for any slugger, this incredible accomplishment is even more amazing as Carter was never really known as a long-ball threat.

I thought it would be fun to re-live those 5 round-trippers.  Here are the notes:

HR # Date Inning Pitcher Men On-Base Total RBI
1 9/3/1985 1 D. Dravecky 1 2
2 9/3/1985 4 D. Dravecky 0 3
3 9/3/1985 5 L. DeLeon 2 6
4 9/4/1985 2 R. Jackson 0 7
5 9/4/1985 7 E. Wojna 0 8

Very impressive, if I do say so myself!!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Carter!!!

Happy Birthday Mike Piazza!!!

Happy Birthday Mike Piazza!!!

Mike Piazza turns 44 years old today.

Piazza was a solid offensive contributor for the teams he played for during his 16-year career.  One of the game’s greatest slugging catchers of all-time, Piazza was an offensive machine.  During his career he piled up some very impressive numbers: a lifetime .308 batting average along with 2,127 hits, 427 home runs, 1,335 RBI, 1.048 runs scored, and 344 doubles.  A true power hitter with a good ‘batter’s eye’, Piazza shined brightly when the spotlight was on him.

And during that 16-year career, Piazza picked up a nice handful of individual awards.  He was the 1993 Rookie of the Year, he was a 12-time All-star, and he won 10 Silver Slugger awards.

For his birthday I would like to give Mike Piazza two more years.  2 more years in the big leagues with a few statistical milestones within reach.  Most notably would be 2,500 career hits.  While I don’t think he was talented enough to join the elite 3,000 hits club I do think that he was solid enough of a hitter to be just 1 notch behind them!!

Happy Birthday Mike.  High Five!!!


Happy Birthday Robin Ventura!!!

Robin Ventura turns 46 years old today!!

Ah, one of my favorite White Sox players of all-time is celebrating his birthday today.  As a Cubs loyalist, it’s hard to even admit, verbally or written, that I like some of the players on the ‘pale hose’.  But, truth be told, when I first moved to Chi-town in 1988, it was much easier to get tickets to see the Sox so I enjoyed several games at Comiskey Park.  And of the players I got to see regularly, Robin Ventura became one of my favorites.  You see, I was a third baseman too and I was also a much better contact hitter than power hitter.  The similarities between myself and Robin Ventura in regards to our baseball successes stops there…

What I enjoyed most about Ventura was watching him get better.  He was not a rookie that came into the league and took baseball by storm.  He was a worker and over the first few seasons we got to watch him get better.  He got better at hitting, driving in runs, and defense and Sox fans took him in as their own because of his dedication to the team and the game.  It was nice to see him blossom and he churned out a very solid 16-year career.

By the end of his playing days, Ventura was a 2-time All-star and 6-time Gold Glove award winner.  He tallied 1,885 career hits and slammed 294 home runs.

Currently, Robin Ventura is back in Chicago serving as manager of the team he debuted with – the White Sox.  He is doing a solid job, and I wish him the best.

Happy Birthday Mr. Ventura!!!


Baseball Card Show Purchase #9 – The GREATEST $0.50 Spent At Any Baseball Card Show – EVER!!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #9 – The GREATEST $0.50 Spent At Any Baseball Card Show – EVER!!!!

Friends, when I tell you that this purchase was the greatest fifty cents that I have purchased at a baseball card show, I am not lying.

I found this card in a bargain bin, and as with most Reggie Jackson cards that I find, I scoop them up for my Reggie collection.  October is also just a month away and I always do something cool for Mr. October so buying a few cards of him now prepares me for showcasing him on my blog next month.

Ok, back to my purchase.  I was digging through a bargain bin and came across this card from the 1991 Upper Deck Looney Tunes promotional set.

The set is a 4-card set that was given away as a promotion during the 4-day National Sports Card show in 1991.  Each day a new card was given out, and the two MLB stars that were featured in this set are Nolan Ryan and Reggie Jackson.  This card is the one that was provided on 7/5/1991.

Now, I would want this card for my collection anyways.  And at $0.50, I would not think twice about buying it and bringing it home with me.

But when I saw this, I jumped for joy (internally of course)….

That’s right – this one is autographed!!!  By REGGIE JACKSON!!!

I quickly scanned the back of the card looking for some kind of certification.  And as my heart rate increased to a rapid pace, I did not find anything on the back acknowledging the autograph on the front.  But this was 1991, when in-pack autographs were non-existent – maybe it was signed by Reggie at the show?  Maybe it was signed as part of a special lot of cards that he and Nolan Ryan signed just for the show?

Either way, I cannot believe that this was resting in just a random box of cards.

I have searched Ebay, and I cannot find any of these (at least the autographed version).  I have also consulted with my baseball card catalog and there is no mention that these were randomly signed and inserted into the promotional giveaways as a special treat for random convention-goers.

I do believe that the autograph is real.  I have seen and shopped for enough Reggie Jackson autographs in the past to know how his signature looks.  And the fact that part of the ‘R’ in Reggie is on the White border of the card lets me know that this is not a pre-print as Upper Deck would probably have placed it better.  And the fact that the card has been signed in Blue Sharpie makes ne feel that it was signed twenty years ago -before certified autogrphs were issued and before companies chose better colors to use for their darker-colored cards.

So, what do you think???

Have I been duped or do I have the real thing here??  I’d love your input…