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Rickey Henderson 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter – Base

Rickey Henderson 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter – Base

Do I like Allen & Ginter?  No, not really.

But I will admit that they did a great job this year with many of the legends that were included in the 2012 release. 

I have added a bunch of Hall of Famers from this issue to my collection, and most of them are improvements from their previous cards that are part of this brand.

Here is some ‘proof in the pudding’ so to speak – the Rickey Henderson card:

What a fantastic looking card.  I love that Topps used Rickey’s early years for their inspiration.

In my opinion, this is the best card is the set.  At least that I have come across so far…

2012 Topps ‘Timeless Talents’ Starring Joe Morgan and Brandon Phillips

2012 Topps ‘Timeless Talents’ Starring Joe Morgan and Brandon Phillips

There are many pairings in the ‘Timeless Talents’ series that Topps issued in their 2012 Series 1 set that I do not understand.

And then there are a few that I agree with and would say that they ‘work’.

This card is one that ‘works’.

Have a look:

Featuring former second baseman and Hall of Famer Joe Morgan with current second baseman Brandon Phillips is a good match-up.

Obviously, they both play the same position and that makes the pairing work.  They are both players that the teams needed to succeed too.  And while Morgan’s team was more successful at winning, Phillips is a key cog to the Reds’ offense and defense.

There is no comparison to the offensive output between the two players – Joe Morgan is one of the greatest offensive second baseman of all-time.  But Phillips is a huge part of what the Reds bring to their offensive side of the game today.  He hits a lot of doubles, steals a decent amount of bases, scores 80+ runs per season, and extends innings.  And that is just what you need with Jay Bruce and Joey Votto batting behind you…

Great work by Topps!!

Great careers by Joe Morgan and Brandon Phillips!!

Jim Abbott 1993 Topps

Jim Abbott 1993 Topps

By the time that the 1993 baseball season started, Jim Abbott was a New York Yankee.  But, with the deadline that Topps had with the production of their 1993 baseball set, they were either unaware or unable to make Abbott a Yankee in their set.

Thus, in the 1993 Topps baseball set, Jim Abbott is an Angel. 

And to be honest, I always think of Abbott as an Angel first.

And yes, I have always been a fan of the 1993 nameplate and basic graphics!

1998 HEADLINE: Mark McGwire Tops Roger Maris With 62nd Home Run Of The Season

1998 HEADLINE: Mark McGwire Tops Roger Maris With 62nd Home Run Of The Season

On this day in 1998, Mark McGwire broke one of the records in baseball that most fans thought would never fall.

At home, and playing in the historic Busch Stadium, ‘Big Mac’ hit the 62nd home runs of his 1998 baseball season, eclipsing the 61 round-trippers that Roger Maris hit during the 1961 season.

One of the game’s greatest sluggers, it was this home run that catapulted McGwire into the main-stream of America and made his name known in every household.  And while some were not too happy that Maris’ record had been snapped, it is very clear that McGwire did quite a bit in 1998 to rekindle life into a sport that needed it desperately!

Thank You and Happy Anniversary Mark McGwire!!!

1972 HEADLINE: Fergie Jenkins Captures 20th Win In Sixth Consecutive Season

1972 HEADLINE: Fergie Jenkins Captures 20th Win In Sixth Consecutive Season

On this day in 1972, Fergie Jenkins recorded his 20th win of the baseball season.  This victory gave Fergie 20 wins, or more, in 6 consecutive seasons and solidified him as one of the most dominant and consistent pitchers of his era.

Here is a quick look at Fergie’s amazing 6-year run:

Year Wins Losses Win %
1967 20 13 61%
1968 20 15 57%
1969 21 15 58%
1970 22 16 58%
1971 24 13 65%
1972 20 12 63%
Totals 127 84 60%

Not a bad run at all!!!

I was trying to find out how many 1-run games Fergie lost during that time.  I know that I have heard the number before, but I don’t want to mis-quote it.  I have searched around a bit but have not come up with an easy way to find that number.  If I recall correctly, it was somewhere in the neighborhood if 15 or so…

Happy Anniversary to my favorite pitcher of all-time, Mr. Ferguson Arthur Jenkins!!!