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Derek Jeter 2011 Bowman – Base

Derek Jeter 2011 Bowman – Base

As you all know, I am a sucker for Black-bordered baseball cards.  And while my preference may rest with the vintage favorites from decades ago, I still enjoy seeing the Black-border used on modern issues.

The most recent addition to my relatively small Derek Jeter collection comes from the 2011 Bowman issue.  And it features a very nice looking Black border.

Have a look:

Mike Schmidt 1989 Score

Mike Schmidt 1989 Score

The 1989 baseball season was Mike Schmidt’s final one in the major leagues.  It was his 18th campaign in the big leagues, and like many other aging superstars, his skills were on a rapid decline.

In 42 games in 1989, Schmidt hit just .203 (64 points below his career average).  He collected 30 hits in those 42 contests, and still showed flashes of power with his 7 doubles and 6 home runs – they just came less frequently.

And while he may not have been as big of an offensive threat as he was during the prime of his career, you can see from the picture below from his 1989 Score baseball card that he could still swing a mighty bat!

Have a look:



I want this to be the number on my paycheck.  I want this to be the number of Andre Dawson baseball cards that I own.  Hell, I would even take this number as a lottery prize.

Instead, I count this number as the single greatest individual accomplishment in baseball!!!

On this day in 1985, Pete Rose broke the Major League record for most career hits with 4,192.

I remember watching this game live on TV with my dad when I was just 9 years old.  Before the Internet and before Sportscenter became a mainstream media outlet, people tuned into games like this to witness history.  Both my dad and I joined the packed stadium and gave Rose a standing ovation as he became the greatest hitter baseball had ever seen.

Happy Anniversary to ‘Charlie Hustle’!!!

9/11 – NEVER FORGET!!!!

9/11 – NEVER FORGET!!!!

I cannot believe that eleven years have passed since the attacks on the United States in 2001.

For my generation, this is our Kennedy assassination, our moment that is engrained in our memories and one that will never fade.

I can tell you down to the fine details what I was doing the minute I heard the news – and I can also share with you the state of quiet that took over my life for several days afterwards.