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Brooks Robinson 2007 Upper Deck Goudey – ‘Heads Up’

Brooks Robinson 2007 Upper Deck Goudey – ‘Heads Up’

The ‘Heads Up’ subset that was part of the 2007 Upper Deck Goudey set is fun.  I have a few cards from this set, and my latest addition is the card of Brooks Robinson.

Here is the card:

The card reminds me of the early 1990 Topps for Kids set – kind of animated, and kind of real.

I wish that Upper Deck had added Fergie Jenkins, Andre Dawson, and Jim Palmer into this ‘Heads Up’ set – if they had it would probably drive me to want to the full set…

A fine addition to my Brooks Robinson collection – YES!!!

Ron Santo 1992 Action Packed Baseball Card

Ron Santo 1992 Action Packed Baseball Card

I found this card on my desk this morning.  I know that it was sent to me as part of a trade package, but I must have mis-handled it as I cannot recall who sent it to me.

So, if you are the generous person, THANK YOU for the great Ron Santo card.  I have never seen this one before and it makes a great addition to my Ron Santo player collection!!!

We miss you, Ronnie!!

Alan Trammell 1981 Fleer – Where Is Trammell Headed??

Alan Trammell 1981 Fleer – Where Is Trammell Headed?

Based on the image that Fleer used in their 1981 card of Alan Trammell, it is hard to get a sense of the scene at Tiger Stadium.

And since you can see that he is going somewhere, I thought it would be fun to guess where.

So, here are your choices:

  1. meeting with Sparky Anderson
  2. the batting cage
  3. conversation with Lou Whitaker
  4. appointment with the team barber
  5. trying to find the equipment manager so he can get a new hat

What do you think??

Happy Birthday Gaylord Perry!!!

Happy Birthday Gaylord Perry!!!

Gaylord Perry turns 74 years old today.

The legendary Hall of Famer and member of the ‘300 Wins Club’ has a lengthy resume full of stuff that makes baseball players legends.

Check it out:

  • 2-time Cy Young award winner
  • 314 wins
  • 3,534 strikeouts
  • 303 complete games
  • 53 shutouts
  • 3.11 ERA
  • 5-time All-Star

Happy Birthday to an incredible pitcher, one of the greatest – Hall of Famer, Gaylord Perry!!

More Details And Images From The Upcoming 2013 Topps Heritage Release

More Details And Images From The Upcoming 2013 Topps Heritage Release

The following is courtesy of ‘The Cardboard Connection’ and was sent to me by loyal reader Matt.  Thank you Matt!!!

2013 Topps Heritage Baseball heads back to 1964. Getting its roots from 1964 Topps Baseball, the  set also includes a lot of the quirks and surprises that have helped make it one of the premier brands among set builders.

The 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball set has 500 cards. This includes 75 short prints that fall every third pack. As with years past, collectors can look for several variations. All Houston Astros in the base set have a Throwback Colt .45 variation using images from the 2012 Turn Back the Clock games. Errors from the 1964 Topps Baseball are recreated intentionally for a series of short prints variations. Action Photo and Color Change variations can also be found in the set.

Numbered Chrome parallels return, as do Black Bordered Chrome cards (#/64). New to the set are Gold Bordered Chrome parallels. Numbered to 5, they are hobby exclusives. Limited Mini parallels make their brand debut in 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball. Also new to the set are Venezuelan parallels where card backs change from orange to black.

As with years past, 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball hobby boxes deliver either a relic or an autograph. However, Topps is promising that signature cards fall twice as often. Real One Autographs mix current and retired stars. Among them are players who had their last Topps card in 1964. With more than 50 players, the checklist includes Willie Mays, Stan Musial, Ernie Banks, Bob Gibson and Jose Bautista. Real One Special Edition Autographs are numbered to 64. Hobby boxes also have random Dual (#/25) and Triple Autographs (#/5). One-of-one 1964 Cut Signatures all have players from the 1964 Topps Baseball set.

Clubhouse Collection relic cards return. Premium versions include Gold parallels (#/99), Dual Relics (#/64) that pair a current player with a retired star, Autographs (#/25 or less) and Dual Autographed Relics (#/10).

High-end relics can be found in Esteemed Heritage Book Cards. Each is a one-of-one and comes with either a patch, bat knob or bat plate.

’64 Mint cards have a 1964 coin embedded into it. Versions include Nickel (#/15), Dime (#/10), Quarter (#/5) and JFK Silver Half Dollars (1/1). New 1964 Topps Coin Relics come with original 1964 Topps Coins added to a card. Numbered 1964 U.S. Postage Stamp Relics have an original 1964 stamp put into the card.

Basic inserts continue sets used in past Heritage sets. They include New Age Performers, Then & Now, Baseball Flashbacks and News Flashbacks. Memorable Moments looks back on some of the big-time highlights from the 2012 season. Baseball Flashbacks also has an autographed relic version with cards numbered to 25 or less.

A pair of framed buybacks further the look back on 1964. Collectors can find original 1964 Topps Tattoos and 1964 Bazooka Stamps. There is also a redemption for a complete 1964 Topps Baseball set.

2013 Topps Heritage Baseball has three types of hobby box toppers. Three-card strips and foil-stamped originals return. There is also a limited number of over-sized box loaders based on 1964 Topps Giants. Twenty relic versions are numbered to 25 while ten autographs are numbered to 10 or less.

Estimated Release Date: 3/4/13 Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 9 cards per pack Price Point: Low-End Baseball Card Target Audience: Set Builders, Old-Time Baseball Fans, Heritage Collectors





Jim Palmer 2005 Upper Deck Heroes Of Baseball Game-Used Jersey Card – Red Variant

Jim Palmer 2005 Upper Deck Heroes Of Baseball Game-USed Jersey Card – Red Variant

I would love to build the full set of cards that feature Jim Palmer from the 2005 Upper Deck Heroes set.  From the base set, to the relics, to the autographs – I would love to scoop them all up!!

And I plan on trying to do just that – I just need to stay within my budget.

And that is exactly what I did when I scored this card for just $2.99.  And since I was buying a small stack of cards from the same seller, it did not cost me too much for with the shipping fees.

The card is serial numbered as 61/99 and it is the Red version of the relic cards.

Have a look: