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A Week’s Worth Of Giveaways Starts Tomorrow Night!!! You’re Gonna Love It!!!!

A Week’s Worth Of Giveaways Starts Tomorrow Night!!!  You’re Gonna Love It!!!!

Friends, my collection needs a little re-organization and I am finding that I have some stuff that just doesn’t fit into my collection.

It is far from ‘junk’, it just doesn’t fit into what I am trying to focus on with my collecting.

So, why not offer the cards up to the great readers of this blog, right??

Exactly!  So that is what I am preparing to do.

Starting tomorrow night, and going up until Saturday night, I will offer up a giveaway each night at 9:00 PM EST.  If you want in on one, many, or all of the giveaways, simply leave me a comment stating so.  I will keep the entries open for all comers until 8:00PM the next evening and then announce the winner and the next giveaway at 9:00.

All winners of the giveaways will be selected through a ‘Randomizer’ web tool and I will ship the winning packages at the end of the week once all prizes have been awarded (just in case someone wins multiple times).

Sound like fun???

Who’s ready for some exciting giveaways???

Cool.  I’ll see you tomorrow night!!!!

1994 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Florida Marlins Team Set

1994 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Florida Marlins Team Set

Even though it was only 1994, card companies started to issue multiple sets each season.

One of the sets that I never really understood was the ‘Collectors Choice’ set issued by Upper Deck.  And while the set did offer player, team, and set collectors another option to go after, I found the set to be just another base set of cards.

Still, the team collector in me wants to really build a nice collection of Marlins team sets.

I was able to scoop this team set up from the 1994 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice set for just $1.00.

Have a peek: 

Jim Abbott 1992 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Team Card

Jim Abbott 1992 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Team Card

This card will get strong consideration for the eventual ‘Fab Five’ – I love the artwork done here:

Oh, I finally finished Abbott’s new book too – I would strongly reccommend it to you if you are a fan of his.  It was nice to learn a lot more about the man than just the fact that he played professional baseball.  Abbott seems to be a very humble man, and it was fun to read about his interractions with his wife and kids throughout.

1988 HEADLINE: Jose Canseco Becomes 1st Member Of The ’40/40 Club’

1988 HEADLINE: Jose Canseco Becomes 1st Member Of The ’40/40 Club’

On this day in 1988, Jose Canseco elevated his game to a place that no other player had been prior.

With 2 stolen bases against the Milwaukee Brewers, Canseco collected his 39th and 40th steals of the season and became the first player in major league history to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in the same season.

Canseco won the Most Valuable Player award during this season.  And it can be argued that this was the most impressive offensive season ever had by a player.  To date, only 4 players have gained entry into the ’40/40 Club’, with Canseco being the first.  And had it not been for Jose’s incredible year, it’s very possible that this baseball milestone never existed.

Congratulations to Jose Canseco – A Very Elite Player!!!

1983 HEADLINE: Steve Carlton Captures 300th Win!!!

1983 HEADLINE: Steve Carlton Captures 300th Win!!!

On this day in 1983 Steve Carlton recorded the 300th win of his amazing baseball career.

‘Lefty’ and his Phillies teammates were on the road in St. Louis as they prepared to battle the Cardinals.  Ironically, it was the Cardinals that Carlton broke into the major leagues with…  In the game, Carlton was dominant.  He pitched 8 solid innings while allowing 7 hits and 2 runs.  And since he is one of the game’s greatest strikeout artists, he also added 12 more K’s to his resume while also collecting a hit as well.

Congratulations on #300!!!!