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Time To Unveil The Next Subset That I Will Be Collecting!!!

Time To Unveil The Next Subset That I Will Be Collecting!!!

Ok, so maybe I won’t unveil the subset.

Maybe I will just tease it a little bit – you know to build up the excitement for all of us.

I will say that this set is beautiful.  I have a few singles already in my collection and they have inspired me to collect the set in full.

I still need to put the checklist together, but I am guessing that should not be too hard.

And after that, I can start collecting!!!

For now, I will leave you with the lone hint about the set.

Here you go:

Any guesses???

Rod Carew 1974 Topps – Batting Cage Card!!!

Rod Carew 1974 Topps

Sweet, a baseball card of one of my favorite hitters in the history of the sport.  And he’s standing in front of a batting cage.

It doesn’t get much better than this:

Reggie Jackson 2012 Topps ‘Gold Standard’

Reggie Jackson 2012 Topps ‘Gold Standard’

I am a big fan of cards that pay homage to the legends of the game and their accomplishments in the sport.  The Topps ‘Gold Standard’ subset that is part of the 2012 Topps issue is perfect for a collector like me.

In time, I am certain that I will be collecting the full subset.  But for now, I am just randomly grabbing singles of the players that I collect.

My latest purchase was the Reggie Jackson card.

Here it is:


The card celebrates Reggie joining the 1,500 RBI Club.  The event occurred on 9/3/1984 when Reggie drove in two runners with a bases loaded single.

1992 HEADLINE: Dave Winfield Becomes Oldest MLB Player To Drive In 100 Runs

1992 HEADLINE: Dave Winfield Becomes Oldest MLB Player To Drive In 100 Runs

On this day in 1992, Dave Winfield became the oldest player in major league history to collect 100 RBI in a single season.

At the age of 40, and playing for the Toronto Blue Jays, Winfield tallied 108 RBI by the end of the 1990 baseball season.

His efforts were rewarded very kindly – a World Series championship.  Winfield collected three more RBI in the Fall Classic as well.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Winfield!!!

Happy Birthday Rafael Palmeiro!!!

Happy Birthday Rafael Palmeiro!!!

Rafael Palmeiro turns 48 years old today.

Rafael Palmeiro quietly put together an amazing career as he reached several baseball milestones that define greatness as an offensive player.  While never considered to be the best player in the league, and even on his team at times, Palmerio’s numbers are rare.

No batting titles.  Only 1 season of 200 or more hits.  But, consistency was Palmeiro’s game.  In his 20-season career, Palmerio collected 3,020 hits.  Hitting between 140-170 hits a year is all it took for Palmeiro to become one of the game’s most consistent offensive players.  His career batting average is .288, and he has 6 seasons of hitting .300 or better. 

Palmeiro also had a power game that was rare for such a disciplined contact hitter.  ‘Raffy’ has 569 career home runs which places him in 10th place in baseball history.  Off to a relatively slow start in the beginning of his career, Palmeiro’s power numbers began to take off during the 1991 season.  From 1999-2004, Palmeiro hit at least 22 homers per season with his maximum output being 47 in both the 1999 and 2001 seasons. 

‘Raffy’ has also collected 1,835 RBI and has scored 1,663 runs during his playing days.

Palmeiro has finished in the Top 19 for the MVP award 10 times.  He is a 4-time All-star, a 3-time Gold Glove award winner, and a 2-time Silver Slugger winner.

Happy Birthday Raffy!!!