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1999 Skybox Thunder Florida Marlins Team Set

1999 Skybox Thunder Florida Marlins Team Set

The hobby in the 1990’s brought us a lot of competition.  Competition for market share and definitely competition for ‘the best looking baseball cards’.

I left the hobby in the late 1990’s – burnt out on all of the new stuff and not happy to fork over dollars for a pack when dollars used to buy lots of wax.

Now back into the hobby, but still not fully immersed in all that I missed, I am very excited to find new and unique cards.

I recently picked up this Marlins team set from the 1999 Skybox Thunder set.  And I have to say that prior to making my purchase, I never knew that these even existed.

Here is the set:

Kind of a unique design, and certainly bold by my standards.  I like the set.

It’s just too bad that it does not remind me at all of the team that won the World Series two seasons prior.  But you cannot blame Skybox for that…

Willie Mays 2012 Topps Archives ‘Floating Head’ Sticker

Willie Mays 2012 Topps Archives ‘Floating Head’ Sticker

I have traded away a bunch of these ‘floating head’ stickers from the 2012 Topps Archives set.

But now that I really take a minute and check out my Willie Mays sticker, I am questioning if I would want to grab the whole set. 

Here is the sticker/card:

I need to see the checklist to see what kind of mix of old and new players the set contains. If it is the right mix, I may have to add this one to my list…

Stay tuned.

Ken Griffey Sr. 1982 Topps ‘In Action’

Ken Griffey Sr. 1982 Topps ‘In Action’

I’m very happy to see a player like Ken Griffey get included in this ‘In Action’ set that was part of the 1982 Topps set.

The ’82 set features a very, very large group of baseball legends – call it a blending of the past and future stars.

With tons of future Hall of Famers in the set, I am very excited that Topps gave us this ‘extra’ card of Griffey for my PC.

Great photo too – I love the stirrups!!!

Did You Know…

In 1970, the minimum salary in major league baseball was $12,000.  In 2009, the minimum had reached $400,000.

I don’t know about you, but I would happily play for the minimum today and you would not find a more proud guy doing so.

Week Of Giveaways – Day One’s Winner Is Announced & Day Two’s Prize Is Up For Grabs

Week Of Giveaways – Day One’s Winner Is Announced & Day Two’s Prize Is Up For Grabs

First, let me say ‘Thank You’ to all of the people that entered my giveaway.

Now, it is time to unviel the winner of Day One’s giveaway.

The winner of the Greg Maddux 33-card lot is Shane.  Congratulations, SHANE!!!

Here is a peek at how the ‘Randomizer’ gave me the winner’s name:

And here is one more look at the prize that was up for grabs:

And now it is time to open up the entry pool for Day Two’s giveaway!!!

To put your name in the hat for Day Two’s prize, simply leave me a comment on this post stating that you want in.  At 8:00PM EST tomorrow night, I will take all of the entrants and throw their names into a ‘Randomizer’ and select a winner.

The winner of tonight’s prize will be unveiled tomorrow at 9:00PM EST and I will also open up entries for Day Three’s prize.

Here is a picture of tonight’s giveaway:

The lucky winner of giveaway number 2 can pick ANY ONE of these sweet Mike Mussina autographs!!!

So, do you want in?  If so, leave a comment with me now and check back tomorrow to see if you’re the lucky winner.

I’ll see you again tomorrow at 9:00PM.

Thanks for playing.  And thanks for reading ’30-YOC’!!!!