Week Of Giveaways – Day Three’s Winner Is Announced & Day Four’s Prize Is Up For Grabs

Week Of Giveaways – Day Three’s Winner Is Announced & Day Four’s Prize Is Up For Grabs

First, let me say ‘Thank You’ to all of the people that entered my giveaway.

Now, it is time to unviel the winner of Day Three’s giveaway.

The winner of the 62-card ot of 2011 Topps baseball cards is ‘ElectricFriar’.  Congratulations, ‘ElectirFriar’!!!

Here is a peek at how the ‘Randomizer’ gave me the winner’s name:

And here is one more look at the prize that was up for grabs:

And now it is time to open up the entry pool for Day Four’s giveaway!!!

To put your name in the hat for Day Four’s prize, simply leave me a comment on this post stating that you want in.  At 8:00PM EST tomorrow night, I will take all of the entrants and throw their names into a ‘Randomizer’ and select a winner.

The winner of tonight’s prize will be unveiled tomorrow at 9:00PM EST and I will also open up entries for Day Five’s prize.

Here is a picture of tonight’s giveaway:

Randy Johnson 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Game-Used Jersey card – Light Blue – #159/200

So, do you want in?  If so, leave a comment with me now and check back tomorrow to see if you’re the lucky winner.

I’ll see you again tomorrow at 9:00PM.

Thanks for playing.  And thanks for reading ’30-YOC’!!!!

21 responses to “Week Of Giveaways – Day Three’s Winner Is Announced & Day Four’s Prize Is Up For Grabs

  1. in big for the big unit!

  2. Nice card. I am in the infancy of my Randy Johnon PC and would love to add a jersey. Thanks for giving back to collectors!

  3. I will always take a card of the Big Unit!

  4. You can’t win if you don’t play.

  5. Thanks for the contest!

  6. in it

  7. In on this one, thanks!

  8. Da big unit

  9. sweet card! Thanks!

  10. im in for the jersey. i say this jersey is legit because it was early in the jersey swag years and they weren’t buying fraudulent jerseys until recently.

  11. I am in for this contest

  12. I’m in! Would be a nice addition to my “Big Unit” collection (and also a nice b’day gift [sept 25th] to my self!

  13. Count me in, buddy!

  14. I want in.

  15. Please enter my name. Thanks a lot.

  16. The entry window for thsi giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced when the 9PM giveaway is unveiled.

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