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Jim Palmer 2001 Topps Tribute Game-Used Jersey Card – NICE!!!!

Jim Palmer 2001 Topps Tribute Game-Used Jersey Card – NICE!!!!

Sometimes a card can speak for itself.  Kind of like a work of art.

Without a doubt, this is one of those times.


Nolan Ryan 2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia

Nolan Ryan 2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia

Trust me when I tell you – This card looks so much better in person than what this scan is able to convey.  The background coloring works perfectly with the Houston Astros colors.

Here is the card:

And I have to admit – I was not a big fan of this set when I first picked up a card from it over a year ago.  But I have scored cards of Santo, Jeter, Palmer, Frank Robinson, and now Nolan Ryan and my opinion of the set is starting to change.

I still prefer the ‘Tools Of The Trade’ set issued by Donruss Playoff, but these are no longer at the bottom of the list.

Mike Schmidt 1986 Topps – Going Yard!!!

Mike Schmidt 1986 Topps

Wow, it looks like Schmidty really got a hold of this one, huh?  There is no mistaking that swing!!!

This photo perfectly captures one of Schmidt’s 548 round-trippers.  Or four-baggers…  Or opo-tacos…  Or dingers…. 

No matter how you slice it, Mike Schmidt had one of the greatest power bats of his generation – and this 1986 Topps card captures it perfectly!! 

A great addition to my Mike Schmidt player collection.

1954 HEADLINE: Willie Mays Makes The Greatest Catch In Baseball History!!!

1954 HEADLINE: Willie Mays Makes The Greatest Catch In Baseball History!!!

On this day back in 1954, Willie Mays made ‘The Catch’.

Often considered to be the greatest defensive play in baseball history, this outstanding catch still gets ‘air-time’ every year.  The fact that this catch happened in front of a national audience during the baseball playoffs only added to its legend.

One could certainly argue that more amazing catches have been made since, but this is ‘The Catch’ that still stands out amongst all others.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Mays!!!


Week Of Giveaways – Day Four’s Winner Is Announced & Day Five’s Prize Is Up For Grabs

Week Of Giveaways – Day Four’s Winner Is Announced & Day Five’s Prize Is Up For Grabs

First, let me say ‘Thank You’ to all of the people that entered my giveaway.

Now, it is time to unviel the winner of Day Four’s giveaway.

The winner of the Randy Johnson Game-Used jersey card is SWLVguy.  Congratulations, SWLVguy!!!

Here is a peek at how the ‘Randomizer’ gave me the winner’s name:

And here is one more look at the prize that was up for grabs:

And now it is time to open up the entry pool for Day Five’s giveaway!!!

To put your name in the hat for Day Five’s prize, simply leave me a comment on this post stating that you want in.  At 8:00PM EST tomorrow night, I will take all of the entrants and throw their names into a ‘Randomizer’ and select a winner.

The winner of tonight’s prize will be unveiled tomorrow at 9:00PM EST and I will also open up entries for Day Six’s prize.

Here is a picture of tonight’s giveaway:

A 96-card lot of 2012 Topps Archives baseball cards.  This lot is chock full of all-stars, rookies, and legends!!

So, do you want in?  If so, leave a comment with me now and check back tomorrow to see if you’re the lucky winner.

I’ll see you again tomorrow at 9:00PM.

Thanks for playing.  And thanks for reading ’30-YOC’!!!!