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Reggie Jackson 2010 Topps – 1974 MLB All-Star Game Commemorative Patch

Reggie Jackson 2010 Topps – 1974 MLB All-Star Game Commemorative Patch

I thought that this card would be a fun way to close out my 31-day celebration of Mr. October, Reggie Jackson.

The card is sweet, and it features a very classic and plain design that is highlighted by a vintage photo and manufactured patch.

Have a look:

This one is a very nice addition to my collection that honors Reggie.

But, I am a bit puzzled by the card too.

The moment that the card is celebrating is the 1974 MLB All-Star.  Sure, Reggie played in the game but he was far from the star on that day.  In three at-bats, Reggie went hitless while striking out twice.  It was Steve Garvey that helped the NL to a 7-2 victory.

I’ve looked at other box scores of Reggie’s other All-Star game appearances, and he certainly had better ones than the one in 1974.

So, did Topps simply have an overabundance of 1974 All-Star Game patches?  Could be.

The card leaves me happy to be the owner, but definitely confused as well…

Any thoughts?

Eddie Murray 2012 Topps Museum Collection – SWEET!!!!

Eddie Murray 2012 Topps Museum Collection – SWEET!!!!

The way that Eddie Murray’s image jumps off the surface of this baseball card is supreme!  This baseball card is a beauty.

The colors are sharp and crisp.

The shading and blending in the background are exceptional.

The fonts and filigree are done in Golden bliss.

Let me just say it, ‘I LOVE THE MUSEUM COLLECTION”!!!!

Jim Abbott 1992 Bowman

Jim Abbott 1992 Bowman

The 1992 Bowman set receives a lot of praise.  Partly due to the rookie cards that are part of the set, and partly due to the minimalist design, the cards just look great.  They offer nice, large photos.  The famous Bowman ‘B’ is front and center.  And the colors of the graphic banners do not do anything to draw your attention away from the photo.

Case in point – Jim Abbott’s 1992 Bowman baseball card:

I will admit that it is a little weird to not have the team name and player’s position on the front of the card.  But besides that, I have no complaints!


Did You Know…

The all-time leader in career home runs for the Cincinnati Reds is Hall of Famer Johnny Bench.  Bench connected for 389 home runs for the Reds during his playing days.  The second place spot is held by fellow Hall of Famer, Mr. Frank Robinson.

Happy Birthday Fred McGriff!!!

Happy Birthday Fred McGriff!!!

That’s right, the ‘Crime Dog’ turns 49 today!!!

Fred McGriff is arguably one of the most underrated baseball players from the last 20 years.  An extremely consistent hitter over the course of his 19-year career, McGriff added solid hitting and amazing power to the line-up.

For his 49th birthday, I give him 7 more home runs – giving him an even 500 for his amazing career.

Happy Birthday to the ‘Crime Dog’!!!

And Here Are Your 2012 NL & AL Gold Glove Winners!!!

And Here Are Your 2012 NL & AL Gold Glove Winners!!!


Right-hander Jake Peavy started the day Tuesday by signing a two-year contract extension with the White Sox then capped it off by receiving his first Rawlings Gold Glove Award on a night full of first-time winners.

Peavy shared the American League pitching Gold Glove with Rays hurler Jeremy Hellickson, also a first-time recipient. The pair represented two of nine players who notched their first Gold Glove.

The other AL first-timers each came from the two surprise postseason teams on the Junior Circuit, Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardy and Athletics right fielder Josh Reddick.

2012 Gold glove winners
POS AL winner NL winner
C Matt Wieters, BAL Yadier Molina, STL
1B Mark Teixeira, NYY Adam LaRoche, WAS
2B Robinson Cano, NYY Darwin Barney, CHC
SS J.J. Hardy, BAL Jimmy Rollins, PHI
3B Adrian Beltre, TEX Chase Headley, SD
LF Alex Gordon, KC Carlos Gonzalez, COL
CF Adam Jones, BAL Andrew McCutchen, PIT
RF Josh Reddick, OAK Jason Heyward, ATL
P Jeremy Hellickson, TB Jake Peavy, CWS Mark Buehrle, MIA

“It means a lot to me, for one,” Hardy said. “It’s definitely an award I’ve always hoped to get, never really expected to do it, never really expected to get it. I’m surprised and honored at the same time.”

The National League had five new Gold Glovers of its own.

In the infield, Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche, Cubs second baseman Darwin Barney and Padres third baseman Chase Headley all took home awards for their defensive prowess for the first time in their careers.

Barney finished the season with a .997 fielding percentage, tops among all NL second basemen and the highest in Cubs franchise history at the position.

“I’m extremely thrilled,” said Barney, who beat out two worthy nominees, three-time winner Brandon Phillips of the Reds and Aaron Hill of the D-backs. “It’s something you came into the season working toward but it’s not something where I thought the results would be there as quickly as they were. I’m extremely happy about it. There’s a lot of good competition. I’m really surprised it ended up happening for me. It’s an exciting night for me.”

Rounding out the first-time winners were Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen and Braves right fielder Jason Heyward.

Though the nine new winners were the most since 2008, there were also some familiar names that received hardware Tuesday night.

In fact, one of those newcomers in that 2008 campaign was Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina, who earned his fifth consecutive award Tuesday. Molina is the first NL catcher to win five straight Gold Gloves since the Reds’ Johnny Bench won 10 straight from 1968-77.

“It’s always such a great honor to win the Gold Glove award,” Molina said. “It’s something that you work hard for, and it’s nice to be voted as a top player at your position.”

Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira also won his fifth career Gold Glove, as he and teammate Robinson Cano swept the AL awards on the right side of the infield.

“It’s another dream come true for me,” said Cano, who also won the award in 2010. “The Gold Glove is a special award because my defense is something I take a lot of pride in. There are a lot of ways you can contribute to a team win. It’s not always about offense. Sometimes saving runs is as important as scoring runs.”

A trio of players — Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre, Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins and Marlins pitcher Mark Buehrle — each won a fourth Gold Glove. For Buehrle, the award marked his fourth consecutive Gold Glove after the southpaw won the AL version each of the previous three seasons with the White Sox.

Beltre, meanwhile, took home the AL honors for the second straight season and fourth in the last six years at the hot corner.

“I just love playing my position,” Beltre said. “I love to play with the determination to make every play. I take my position as a challenge to make every play I can make.”

The four remaining winners — Orioles catcher Matt Wieters and a trio of outfielders, fellow Oriole Adam Jones, the Royals’ Alex Gordon and the Rockies’ Carlos Gonzalez — were each honored for the second time in their respective careers. Jones, who also won a Gold Glove in 2009, edged out 21-year-old Angels phenom Mike Trout among AL center fielders.

As for Gordon, he took home his second straight honor after winning the inaugural left field award last season, the first in which Gold Glove awards were handed out separately for each of the three outfield positions. He nabbed the award again this season behind his 17 outfield assists, leading all AL left fielders.

“Players always want to be consistent and produce well, so to win it again is a great honor and I’m very excited about it,” Gordon said. “Hopefully I can keep being consistent in the outfield and keep bringing these Gold Gloves home. It’s pretty cool.”

Trade With Reader Ken Brings A Very Cool Manufactured Patch Card To ’30-YOC’

Trade With Reader Ken Brings A Very Cool Manufactured Patch Card To ’30-YOC’

A few weeks ago I posted my results from busting two 2012 Topps Update blasters.

In that post, I showed off a Prince Fielder Blockbuster Patch Card that I pulled in one of those boxes.  Within 24 hours, I had a reader of ’30-YOC’ that was interested in adding that card to his collection.

And what he was offering was right up my alley!!!

We sweetened the deal for each other by my adding all of the Tigers cards I pulled from both boxes in exchange for a few cards for my current player collections.

And now, the trade is complete, and I believe it has left both of us collectors happy.

Here is my haul:

1984 Donruss Mike Schmidt, for the PC:

3-card Eric Davis lot for the PC:

And the centerpiece of the trade, the Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez card from the 2012 Topps Update Blockbuster manufactured patch set:

Thank you Ken!!!  One hell of a trade!!!

My Ken Griffey Sr. Player Collection Is Complete!!! YES!!!

My Ken Griffey Sr. Player Collection Is Complete!!!   YES!!!

Of all of the player collections that I have compiled over the last 4+ years, the one that I have built of Ken Griffey Sr. is the smallest.

And when I say smallest, I am referring to the number of actual cards.  Griffey had 15 major brand baseball card releases while wearing his Cincinnati Reds uniform.

And now, I am the proud owner of all 15.

Here is a look at the full collection:

If ‘The Big Red Machine’ was an actual machine than Johnny Bench and George Foster would have been the engine.  And Pete Rose and Joe Morgan would have been the wheels.  And Tony Perez would have been the chassis.  And Ken Griffey would surely have been the spark plugs!!!  His ability to get on base and drive opposing pitchers nuts was supreme, especially for a young player.

I am thrilled to have built a collection that features each and every major-brand card of Griffey from his time with the Reds.  And while there are just 15 cards in the set, I will still follow suit and show off my ‘Fab Five’ starting next Monday.

Stay tuned.  And enjoy!

Reggie Jackson 2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites – 1968 Topps Design – PERFECTION!!!

Reggie Jackson 2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites – 1968 Topps Design

Topps really did it with this one – I call it PERFECT!!!

Have a look:

Sure, the photo is far from appealing, even Reggie would tell you that.

But Topps gave us a great ‘What If’ with this card. 

You see, as most of us ‘older’ guys know, Reggie’s first card was in the 1969 Topps set.  But he did spend part of the 1967 and a majority of the 1968 season in the big leagues.

And we now know what his 1968 Topps baseball card might have looked like if he was part of the set.

And Topps did a fantastic job in matching the photo to the time.  Reggie looks very young in this picture.  And he is not sporting his famous mustache either…

Great work by Topps!  I am uber-impressed with this one!!

Rickey Henderson 2012 Topps Series 2 – ‘Golden Moments’

Rickey Henderson 2012 Topps Series 2 – ‘Golden Moments’

Now this is a great looking baseball card.  I just have one request.

Take a look at the card, and then try to guess what I am thinking…

Any guesses?

OK, I’ll tell you.

With this card, there is just a little too much ‘dead space’ in the center.  It would look so much more complete had Topps used a photo where the bat was in front of Henderson opposed to being behind or to the side of him.

The card looks great, and I really like the subset of ‘Golden Moments’.

It is just the minor details that stops this one from being tagged as a ’30-YOC Classic’.