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2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Preview – It Looks AWESOME!!!

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Preview – It Looks AWESOME!!!

From Sports Card Magazine, written by Dano Laurel

Topps Gypsy Queen is returning for its third year and is sure to be better than ever. Fans of this set will love that Topps is keeping a lot of what worked in previous years and is adding something a little extra to give it that extra push. Just like past years, every hobby box is going to contain two autograph cards, two relic cards and one 10-card mini box.The big difference is this year Topps is introducing bat barrel and mini button cards from the top players of the year.

The 350-card base set will feature veterans, rookies and reitred players. Also this year will be 50 short-printed cards from the first 300 cards in the set. Additionally, there will be base card variations that will be from any of the total 350 cards.  If it sounds confusing, it was to a lot of collectors in the 2012 set as well.  Here’s hoping they fixed the images that are going to be variations in 2013′s set.

2013 GQ McCutchen base card

One of the draws to Gypsy Queen is the mini cards in this set. With 2013, base mini-cards will be one per pack and can also be one of three colors of parallels; Black (#/99),Green (#/99), and Sepia-tone (#/50).  Inserted into each hobby-box of Gypsy Queen is also a 10-card mini box that will contain mini-box variations that can only be found inside. Just like regular-sized cards, mini will also have printing plates, (hobby-only), wood minis (#/5), and leather texture (1/1).

2013 GQ Babe Ruth mini

2013 GQ will feature a handful of parallel cards that include:

  • Hometown Currency-Relic cards featuring a U.S. State Quarter or foreign currency from where the player was born. These will be numbered to five.  This is a new addition to the ’13 Gypsy Queen.
  • Framed Parallel- Back for a third installment, the framed parallels will have a blue paper frame sequentially numbered, or a silver frame that will be numbered one of one. This is also a new addition. With the last two years, retail may see another version of this.
  • Printing plates-These hobby-only printing plates will features four different colors of actual printing plates used to make the set.

’13 Hometown Currency

The  inserts in Gypsy Queen give collectors more to hunt down while putting together a master set, but they do it in a way that is unique to this set.  Back for another installment is “Glove Stories”, these inserts highlight a spectacular moment in glove work. New to 2013 is “Collisions at the Plate”, these will feature several of the most spectacular and memorable home-plate collisions.  Also new will be “Gypsy Kings”, not to be confused with the band, these will be a fantastic opportunity for collectors to be featured in the years’ set. The Topps’ Facebook page, collectors can enter to tell them why they deserve to be a Gypsy King or Queen. Topps will pick a winner and feature them in the upcoming set.  Pretty, pretty, pretty neat.

Other insert cards will include:

  • No-Hitters- These will feature a selection of current and retired pitchers that have thrown a no-hitter.
  • Dealing Aces- The top pitchers in baseball will be featured in all four suits: Heart, Club, Spade, and Diamond.
  • Sliding stars
  • Insert card Printing plates

Dealing Aces-Diamond

One of the amazing aspects of sets like Allen&Ginter’s and Gypsy Queen are the framed mini-relics.  2013 GQ will be no different as it will contain game-used bat and game-worn jersey cards in regular size and mini-relic versions.  The difference to next year’s set will be  a black parallel relic card that will be numbered to 25, and numbered to 10 in the mini-version.

Also include relics will be an original art patch cards will be hand-painted Gypsy Queen-style portraits that will feature a game-used patch. These masterpieces will be numbered to one copy each and hobby only.  Mini autographed relic books will join the club and will feature one panel with a relic and the other with an autographed sticker. These new designs will be numbered to five.  Start looking for a way to display these gems.

’13 Mini Relic Black Parallel

With two autographs per box, Gypsy Queen allows for a deeper checklist. Is that always a good thing? No, but with GQ you will a wider scope. These autos will be from veterans, rookies and retired stars. Autographed relic cards are back and will be standard-size featuring a game-used relic. All of these will be numbered to 25 or less. Dual auto’d relic cards will have two autos and two relic swatches- also be numbered to 25 or less. It gets better- triple auto’d/relic cards will feature three auto’d stickers and three relic swatches. The triple auto/relic cards will be numbered to 10 or less.  And to top off the autos will be autographed minis. These will be signed ON-CARD and numbered to only ten copies. The amazing part of these is these will be exclusive to the mini-box, so hopefully that means the mini-boxes will be sealed.  We’ll find out-

David Freese auto/relic

Two spectacular inserts completely new to 2013 will be bat barrel inserts and mini button cards.  Bat Barrel cards will feature the name plate from the barrel of the bat and will be numbered to one of one each. Mini button cards will be relic cards featuring a button from the player’s jersey. They will be exclusive to the mini-box and be numbered to only 3 copies each.

Topps seems to be a little more open with the fact that most of  the autos will be stickers. Collectors will know what to expect going into the product and have less to complain about.  But with on-card autos on minis there should be a lot more redeeming qualities.

**Special thanks to 30-YOC reader Matt for sending me the link to this story.

Reggie Jackson 1999 Upper Deck Retro

Reggie Jackson 1999 Upper Deck Retro

Reggie Jackson was a ‘bad dude’ and he carried all of his emotions right on his sleeve.  Love that or hate that, Reggie is one of the game’s legendary personalities.

He is also one of the first players to wear corrective lens with tinting while on the field.

And while there are many guys that wore glasses on the field, most of them did not look as cool or as menacing as Reggie.

Proof of that is on this card from the 1999 Upper Deck Retro set.

Have a look:

1986 HEADLINE: Gooden Sets Record Of 200+ Strikeouts In First Three Seasons Of His Career

1986 HEADLINE:  Gooden Sets Record Of 200+ Strikeouts In First Three Seasons Of His Career

On this day in 1986, Dwight Gooden recorded the 200th strikeout of his 1986 season.  And while there was a lengthy list of pitchers that had accomplished that feat prior to ‘Doc’, he was the first pitcher in major league history to collect more than 200 K’s in his first three big league seasons.

Amazingly, with all of the fireballers before his era, Gooden was the first.  Not Nolan Ryan or Tom Seaver or Bob Gibson or Jim Palmer.

Here is a closer look at those three historic years:

Season K’s
1984 276
1985 268
1985 200

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to Dwight Gooden!!!

1968 HEADLINE: Gibson Strikes Out 17 In Game 1 Of The World Series

1968 HEADLINE:  Gibson Strikes Out 17 In Game 1 Of The World Series

On this day in 1968, Bob Gibson struck out 17 batters in Game 1 of the World Series against the Detroit Tigers.  This is a World Series record that still stands today.

To be on the biggest stage in baseball and dominate the way he did shows how superior he was as a pitcher and competitor.

The full stat line from Gibson’s game looks like this – 9 innings pitched, 5 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk, 17 strikeout, WIN.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Gibson!!!

Happy Birthday Maury Wills!!!

Happy Birthday Maury Wills!!!

Maury Wills turns 80 years old today.

Wills was a player that arrived in the game one generation too early.  A speedy player with a knack for stealing bases and scoring runs, he was in a league of his own when it came to generating offense for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

He should certainly be credited for paving the way for the great runners that came after him.  He made the role of the base runner more important to a team’s roster, and he was rewarded for his efforts in 1962 by winning the MVP Award.

In ’62, he stole 104 bases, a major league record at the time.  Add to that his .299 batting average, 208 hits, and 130 runs scored and you have yourself a dynamic player.  He also was an All-Star in 1962; and he won a Gold Glove for his defensive work at shortstop.

For his career, Maury Wills stole 586 bases.  He completed his 14 years in the big leagues with a .281 average alongside 2,134 hits, 1,067 runs scored, 5 All-Star selections, 2 Gold Glove awards, and most important – 3 World Series championships!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Wills!!!

2012 Topps Update Is Released On Wednesday – Here Is A Preview And The Full Checklist

2012 Topps Update Is Released On Wednesday – Here Is A Preview And The Full Checklist

The full checklist for the 2012 Topps Update has been released and it will be on shelves this Wednesday, the 3rd.

Click this link to review the entire checklist – http://www.cardboardconnection.com/2012-topps-update-series-baseball-cards

And here are a few images to whet your whistle:

Solid stuff by Topps, these new cards look fantastic.

From what I see, there are two Andre Dawson cards for me to go after when these hit the streets.   I cannot wait!!!

**Hat-Tip to reader Matt for passing along the link and images for this story.  Thanks Bud!!

2012 Topps ‘Career Day’ Checklist

2012 Topps ‘Career Day’ Checklist

Well, if you have not heard yet, the next subset that I will be featuring on the blog is a modern one.  Very modern. 

The 2012 Topps set includes a fantastic 25-card set that is tagged as ‘Career Day’.  Each of the cards features a horizontal design, and fantastic color and photo options.  When the cards first came out, I grabbed singles of the players that I collect – Reggie, Frank, Bench, and others.

And then I saw a few of the guys that I do not collect – and they looked pretty sweet too.

And after quickly analyzing the complete checklist, I knew it would be a fun set to build.

I have a few purchases to make to get this set built, but I am up to the challenge.  And I cannot wait to start.

Here is a look at the full checklist:

  • CD-1 Albert Pujols
  • CD-2 Ken Griffey
  • CD-3 Al Kaline
  • CD-4 Stan Musial
  • CD-5 Sandy Koufax
  • CD-6 Joe DiMaggio
  • CD-7 Frank Robinson
  • CD-8 Mike Schmidt
  • CD-9 Johnny Bench
  • CD-10 Ryan Braun
  • CD-11 Miguel Cabrera
  • CD-12 Reggie Jackson
  • CD-13 Evan Longoria
  • CD-14 Dustin Pedroia
  • CD-15 Willie Mays
  • CD-16 Ryan Howard
  • CD-17 Joey Votto
  • CD-18 Robinson Cano
  • CD-19 Jackie Robinson
  • CD-20 Josh Hamilton
  • CD-21 Matt Kemp
  • CD-22 Mickey Mantle
  • CD-23 Roberto Clemente
  • CD-24 Troy Tulowitzki
  • CD-25 Yogi Berra

Check back with me in a few weeks – you are going to love this set!!!