2012 Topps ‘Career Day’ Checklist

2012 Topps ‘Career Day’ Checklist

Well, if you have not heard yet, the next subset that I will be featuring on the blog is a modern one.  Very modern. 

The 2012 Topps set includes a fantastic 25-card set that is tagged as ‘Career Day’.  Each of the cards features a horizontal design, and fantastic color and photo options.  When the cards first came out, I grabbed singles of the players that I collect – Reggie, Frank, Bench, and others.

And then I saw a few of the guys that I do not collect – and they looked pretty sweet too.

And after quickly analyzing the complete checklist, I knew it would be a fun set to build.

I have a few purchases to make to get this set built, but I am up to the challenge.  And I cannot wait to start.

Here is a look at the full checklist:

  • CD-1 Albert Pujols
  • CD-2 Ken Griffey
  • CD-3 Al Kaline
  • CD-4 Stan Musial
  • CD-5 Sandy Koufax
  • CD-6 Joe DiMaggio
  • CD-7 Frank Robinson
  • CD-8 Mike Schmidt
  • CD-9 Johnny Bench
  • CD-10 Ryan Braun
  • CD-11 Miguel Cabrera
  • CD-12 Reggie Jackson
  • CD-13 Evan Longoria
  • CD-14 Dustin Pedroia
  • CD-15 Willie Mays
  • CD-16 Ryan Howard
  • CD-17 Joey Votto
  • CD-18 Robinson Cano
  • CD-19 Jackie Robinson
  • CD-20 Josh Hamilton
  • CD-21 Matt Kemp
  • CD-22 Mickey Mantle
  • CD-23 Roberto Clemente
  • CD-24 Troy Tulowitzki
  • CD-25 Yogi Berra

Check back with me in a few weeks – you are going to love this set!!!

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