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Reggie Jackson 2003 Fleer Showcase

Reggie Jackson 2003 Fleer Showcase

Reggie doesn’t look like he was ready for the photographer to snap his picture on this one.  As a matter of fact, I am not certain that Reggie even knew he was being photographed until after he heard the shutter of the camera snap.

Have a look at what I am talking about.

This is Reggie’s card from the 2003 Fleer Showcase set:

Reggie loved attention.  If he knew that the camera was on him, he certainly would have flashed some more teeth!!!

My NLDS & ALDS Predictions

My NLDS & ALDS Predictions

Wow, what an exciting night of baseball last night, huh?

And today starts the next round.

So, without further ado, here are my predictions for the NLDS & ALDS:

St. Louis Cardials VS Washington Nationals

Cardinals in FOUR

San Francisco Giants VS Cincinnati Reds

Giants in FOUR

New York Yankees VS Baltimore Orioles

Yankees in FIVE

Detroit Tigers VS Oakland Athletics

Tigers in FIVE

And there yoyu have it.

Who do you got????

Ken Griffey Sr. 1981 Donruss

Ken Griffey Sr. 1981 Donruss

For some reason, the 1981 Donruss cards featured a lot of ‘zoomed-in’ photography.

I am not sure if this was a result of poor photo editing or poor photography.

Either way, we are left with a lot of half-body and 3/4-body shots.

This card of Ken Griffey Sr. is proof:

Told Ya!

1985 HEADLINE: Phil Niekro Joins The ‘300 Wins Club’

1985 HEADLINE: Phil Niekro Joins The ‘300 Wins Club’

On this day in 1985, and at the age of 46, Phil Niekro joined the 300 Wins Club.

A seasoned veteran with 24 years of major league experience, Niekro tallied win after win through 3 decades leading up to this historic day.

On the last day of the regular season, Niekro and his New York Yankees team was on the road to take on the Toronto Blue Jays.  44,000+ fans packed the stadium and watched history be made as Niekro earned his 300th victory as the Yankees won the game 8-0.  In the game, he pitched all 9 innings en route to 4-hit shutout.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Neikro!!!

1966 HEADLINE: Jim Palmer’s World Series Debut Is Historic!!!

1966 HEADLINE: Jim Palmer’s World Series Debut Is Historic!!!

On this day in 1966, a 20-year old Jim Palmer threw a gem in Game 2 of the World Series.

Still in his rookie season, and on the road to take on the Los Angeles Dodgers, Palmer took the mound with the entire baseball world watching.

And this kid delivered one of the greatest pitching performances in World Series history.  And he was the youngest player on the field.

Palmer pitched a masterpiece.  Going the distance, Palmer and his Orioles teammates won the game 6-0.  He threw a complete game shutout while allowing just 4 hits and striking out 6 batters.  A legendary performance by a calm, cool-mannered kid!!!

Congratulations Mr. Palmer!!!

Baseball Card Show TONIGHT!!!

Baseball Card Show TONIGHT!!!

It’s the first Friday of the month and if you’re living in South Florida that means it is time for another baseball card show.

This show, and the remaining shows in 2012, will be held at their original location – Dania Jai Alai.  I have not been to Dania in some time, and while it is a bit further than the shows I have been attending in Hollywood, I am eager to attend.

As for my goals of the show, of course I have some.

They are:
Matt Dominguez 2012 Topps Finest rookie card so I can complete my set
2012 Topps Triple Threads Miami Marlins cards
Andre Dawson 2012 Topps Update card
Hank Aaron modern cards
Hall of Fame relic cards
Reggie Jackson vintage

I also owe a few readers of the site some cards so I am hoping to be able to grab some goodies at the show for them too.

Wish me luck in my journey.  And throughout the day on Monday, you can bet that I will be highlighting all of the great purchases that I have made.

Have a great weekend everyone!