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I Picked Up 2 Boxes Of 2012 Topps Update. Come Check Out When I Pulled…

I Picked Up 2 Boxes Of 2012 Topps Update.  Come Check Out When I Pulled…

I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s reviews on this newly released product.  And while the checklist for this update set does not offer me an opportunity to haul in a lot of baseball legends like other Topps releases, there is a lot to get excited about.

So, while at the local Wal-Mart today, I scooped up two retail blaster boxes.  Each box has ten packs that contain eight cards.  Of the ten packs, two are Wal-Mart exclusive ‘Blue’ bordered cards.  There is also a bonus pack that contains a ‘Blockbuster Patch Card’.

Now, it is time to show off each and every card that was pulled.

In my best HHH voice, I say ‘Are You Ready???’.  I can’t hear you, ‘Are You RRRRRREADYYYY?????’.

Ok, Let’s Do This!!!

Box 1, Pack 1 – eh…

Box 1, Pack 2 – liking the Ichiro 87 Topps mini

Box 1, Pack 3 – Schmidty!!

Box 1, Pack 4 – GIANCARLO!!!!

Box 1, Pack 5 – nice Jeter!!

Box 1, Pack 6 – Can’t go wrong with Trout, Verlander, and Schimdt…

Box 1, Pack 7 – another Jeter – YES!!

Box 1, Pack 8 – And there it is, Bryce Harper!!!  Boo-Yah!!!

Box 1, Pack 9 – the Blue borders are nice…

Box 1, Pack 10 – Chipper & GIANCARLO!!!

Box 1, Pack 11 – Josh Beckett patch card, far from great, far from horrible.  Would rather have pulled a Babe Ruth…

Box 2, Pack 1 – eh.

Box 2, Pack 2 – Matt Moore & Tyler Moore, are they brothers??

Box 2, Pack 3- Andy Pettitte got in the set.  Nice David Freese card too!

Box 2, Pack 4 – another 87 Topps Albert Belle mini = GREAT….

Box 2, Pack 5 – Mr. Padre

Box 2, Pack 6 – Gold Kemp!  Thome & Griffey = 1200+ HR’s

Box 2, Pack 7 – Mr. Padre, Part 2.  Jamie Moyer’s final baseball card??

Box 2, Pack 8 – Kimbrell is the MAN!  I love that they brought bacl the ‘Future Stars’ for the 87 minis!!

Box 2, Pack 9 – Blue Gio.  Another 87 mini, this time of ‘PAP’

Box 2, Pack 10 – eh.

Box 2, Pack 11 – Prince Fielder patch.  A step up from Josh Beckett, but not Babe Ruth either…

And there you have it – quite a great assortment of cards.  Overall, I am very happy with the cards that I pulled.  I pulled a lot of all-stars and some good rookies too.

Some will stay in my collection.  Many will be traded with the great readers of this site.  And some may be sold to help other collectors fill their needs.

If anyone sees anything that they need, holler at me and I will do my best to work something out with you.

Thank you for reading.  Have a nice evening.

2010 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

2010 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

I like the 2010 Topps design – it looks very nice with the old Marlins team name logo.  The coloring of the cards is also very complimentary to the old team colors.

I also think that Topps did a pretty solid job of pulling action photos for this set.  And while some are not cropped as well as they should be, it is better than having a bunch of posed photography…

On to the set!!!

For the record, there are only three players in this set that were on the major league roster for the Marlins when the 2012 season ended – Ricky Nolasco, Emilio Bonifacio, and Josh Johnson.

That is tough to swallow…

Reggie Jackson 2001 Fleer Premium – 1970’s ‘Decade Of Excellence’ – FAIL!!!

Reggie Jackson 2001 Fleer Premium – 1970’s ‘Decade Of Excellence’ – FAIL!!!

Wow, what could have been…

The theme is outstanding.  The player is unreal.  The decade offered up some historic moments.

Fleer was on a roll in their production room when they developed their ‘Decade Of Excellence’ subset as part of their 2001 Premium product.

And then, sadly, they gave us this:


Rollie Fingers 1980 Topps – READ THIS – You Can Win A Prize!!!!

Rollie Fingers 1980 Topps

The 1980 baseball season would be the final season of playing for the Padres for Rollie Fingers. 

My favorite stat from his 1980 campaign??


In 103 inning of work, Rollie allowed just 3 home runs.  Considering that most of the 103 inning of work that Fingers put in came in the ninth inning, that is pretty impressive.

If anyone can confirm the three players that ‘went yard’ off of Fingers in 1980, I will hook you up with a nice prize!!!!

2010 HEADLINE: Roy Halladay Fires A No-Hitter Against The Reds In His Postseason Debut

2010 HEADLINE: Roy Halladay Fires A No-Hitter Against The Reds

On this day in 2010, Roy Halladay threw a no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds.

The game was played in Philadelphia at Citizen’s Bank Park and was Game 1 of the NLDS.

Halladay’s stat line looked like this – complete game, 104 pitches, 8 strikeouts, 1 walk, 12 ground ball outs, 7 fly ball outs, and 1 line drive out.

Halladay’s no-hitter was the first post-season no-hitter since Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series.


Mike Schmidt 2012 Topps Archives – 1971 Topps Design

Mike Schmidt 2012 Topps Archives – 1971 Topps Design

Now this is a great looking baseball card.  But, I think I say that each and every time that I feature a card that features the 1971 Topps design.

Still, this one of Mike Schmidt looks pretty great.

Have a look:

I do have a complaint though.  And I think that you will agree with me too…

Mike Schmidt did not play in the major leagues in 1971.  Schmidt was only 22 years old in 1971.  This card features a much older Schmidt.  My preference would be that Topps use a more time-specific photo in their image selection when they feature vintage designs.  Give me a young Schmidt!  Give me Mike Schmidt sans mustache!