I Couldn’t Resist. I Scooped Up One More Blaster Of 2012 Topps Update. Come See The Haul!!!

I Couldn’t Resist. I Scooped Up One More Blaster Of 2012 Topps Update. Come See The Haul!!!

The title of this one says it all.   I was very encouraged by what I pulled a few days ago when I ripped through two retail blasters of 2012 Topps Update so I went for one more.

This time, I hit Target with the hopes of checking out the Red bordered cards.

Enough chit-chat, it is time to reveal the cards that I got in Box #3 of 2012 Topps Update.

Here we go:

Pack 1 – Not bad with Trout and Verlander in the same pack

Pack 2 – Eh.

Pack 3 – It’s cool to pull Buster Posey.  And you know that I am a fan of Frank Robinson!

Pack 4 – YU!

Pack 5 – The Kaline mini is pretty sweet!

Pack 6 – YU!  And I pull the Jim Palmer card too – YES!  Best pack so far.

Pack 7 – Nice Jeter.  Kind of weird pulling a baseball card of President Obama…  I’ll keep my personal political likes out of this, but it is weird to see him come out of a pack of cards…

Pack 8 – Eh.

Pack 9 – Sweet Strasburg!  And that Nolan Ryan card is pretty nice as well.

Pack 10 – Eh.

Pack 11 – A Johan Santana Blockbuster patch card.  Exactly what a Miami Marlins fan does NOT need in his collection.  Ugh…

And that is the full box.

Overall, I would say that I did better with the boxes that I picked up at Wal-Mart versus this one from Target.

Ultimately, most of these cards will not remain in my collection.  Many will be given to fellow trade partners and blog readers.  Some will be sold.  And the rest will remain with me.

If you see anything in here that you like, it can potentially be yours so let me hear it.

Thanks for reading!

17 responses to “I Couldn’t Resist. I Scooped Up One More Blaster Of 2012 Topps Update. Come See The Haul!!!

  1. still wanting pirates. and maybe that barack obama if you dont want it. ty Brian

  2. I need the Joe Kelly RC, please, sir. And what’s the deal with the “New Hampshire” on the Obama card?

    • Justin- No problem for the Kelly card. As for the Obama card, if he wins the electoral vote for the state on the card, I have a code to enter which could result in an unstated prize. If he does not win NH, nada!

  3. cool ty.

  4. Any Orioles or Nationals cards you don’t want, I’ll gladly take off your hands.

  5. Brian, I have an awesome Andre Dawson ROY Ring card, that is yours if you’re willing to part with a couple of the hat patches, the Josh Beckett at least. Check out the card here. http://streak27sportscards.blogspot.com If this is good, send me your address and I will get it in the mail.

  6. I wouldn’t mind working that Obama out of your hand.

  7. Wow. That Luke Scott card is something I’ll be seeing in my nightmares.

  8. The red-bordered Elian Herrera would be great!

  9. Let me do you a favor and take that Johan Santana patch card out of your hands

  10. Brian, what would you say to “golden trade” of the Medlen for GIancarlo variety? I think I may need the Sabathia, too. As you know, I generally have an interest in Yanks & Braves. I’ll have my own Update haul organized soon and let you know what I have in my Marlins stack!

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