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Hank Aaron 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter

Hank Aaron 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter

Surprisingly, I am not a huge fan of the Allen & Ginter set.  And I am what can be called ‘a vintage guy’.

I like the cards, they just don’t rank as high on my list as the Gypsy Queen set does…

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Allen & Ginter has not featured Andre Dawson or Fergie Jenkins in any of their releases.  I bet that is it!

Still, I do find the cards appealing.  And I try to scoop up the cards of the former players that I collect when they can be bought affordably.

I paid just twenty-five cents for this card of Hank Aaron:

I would have to say that this was a worthwhile investment.  For sure!!

Reggie Jackson 2011 Topps Tier One – SWEET!!!

Reggie Jackson 2011 Topps Tier One – SWEET!!!

Talk about a magical baseball card, this one is G-R-E-A-T!!!!

The design is flawless, the cardstock is strong, the glossy finish is shiny as can be, and it features a perfect image of a young Reggie Jackson during his first stint with the Oakland A’s.

The White and Gold design that Topps employed for this issue works very well with the photo choice on Reggie’s card.

This card is serial numbered as 684/799.

Have a look:

An instant classic for my Reggie Jackson collection!!

Jim Abbott 1991 Upper Deck – Front & Back

Jim Abbott 1991 Upper Deck – Front & Back

It does not happen too often, but it does happen.  If I had to guess, I would say less than once a month.

What am I referring to, you ask?

It’s very simple – I don’t show off the backs of baseball cards very often on this blog.  Most of the cards that I prefer to collect do not feature anything fancy on their backs.  But as I continue to pay tribute to the baseball heroes of the 1980’s, there are a few cards that display some very attractive backs.

And this card of Jim Abbott from the 1991 Upper Deck set is certainly one of them!!

Have a look:

First, the front:

And now, the back:

Let me start by saying that the card front is superb. It captures Jim Abbott doing something that as kids we all wondered if/how he could to it – Hit!?!?

And the back shows him standing at first base.  We all guessed that he connected for a single.  And it certainly brought a smile to our faces knowing that Abbott had once again defied odds and done the unthinkable!!

A fantastic addition to my Jim Abbott player collection – YES!!

Happy Birthday George Bell!!!

Happy Birthday George Bell!!!

George Bell turns 53 years old today.

One of the sport’s biggest sluggers during the late 1980’s, George Bell was a hitting machine during his time with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Seen primarily as a slugger, Bell did have a knack for delivering the longball and driving in runs, but he was also a very talented contact hitter.  During his playing days, Bell amassed 1,702 career hits along with a batting average of .278.  He won three Silver Slugger awards and had two seasons (1986 & 1987) in which he batted above .300.

As for his power numbers, Bell crushed 265 homers in 12 seasons while also driving in 1,002 runs.  His numbers were so impressive in 1987 that he won the AL MVP award.  The numbers from that year were unreal – .308/47/134.

George Bell was a 3-time All-Star.  He competed in the postseason twice, but never advanced to the World Series.

Happy Birthday Mr. Bell!!!

Happy Birthday Ed ‘Whitey’ Ford!!!

Happy Birthday Ed ‘Whitey’ Ford!!!

Hall of Famer Whitey Ford celebrates his 84th birthday today.

One of the most celebrated and valued member of the New York Yankees franchise had a career like no other.  A pitcher on a team full of sluggers, Ford made his presence known with his command on the mound.

Ford spent his entire 16-year career in pinstripes, and he started in 438 contests.  During that time, he compiled a record of 236-106, good for a 69% winning percentage.

Ford won the Cy Young award in 1961 largely in due to his amazing 25-4 record.  He was an 8-time All-star, while also finishing in the Top 20 for the MVP award 6 times.

In his 16 seasons, Ford made it to the World Series 11 times.  He ended winning 6 championships along the way, and he has a 10-8 record in the Fall Classic.

Happy Birthday to a true legend, Mr. Whitey Ford!!!

Andre Dawson 2012 Leaf ‘Best Of Baseball’ Certified Autograph

Andre Dawson 2012 Leaf ‘Best Of Baseball’ Certified Autograph

I picked up this card for just $3.95.  I could not believe it!!

Have a look:

I have no idea how/when these were released.  I have a very hard time keeping track of the many Topps releases each year, so I spend no time reviewing the Leaf production schedule.  Instead, I let Ebay keep me informed as I review newly-listed auctions/sales.

And when I saw these cards come up with a decent amount of frequency, I decided to keep an eye on them and watch for a bargain to come across.

And at $3.95, I would say that my patience paid off very well!!!